>> Thursday, December 29, 2011

They say, they are MORE THAN JUST COFFEE.  Well, my visits proved that they are not just into pretty marketing line-lies. From their classy-moderne interior to the list of their Latino-inspired foodies, one would surely give a two thumbs up!

These are some of their items that i have tried:

 Lemon Tetrazinni 
(don't be surprised with its sour taste!) 

Penne and Cheese
(the bread highly compliments the pasta flavor. YUM!)

and my most favorite of all, which photo is missing (???), is their Kim's Scampi Pasta. I and Ayen, in one of our girlfriend talks over dinner, forgot about "what's in a confused heart" when we got our taste of its flavorful sauce! 

In another visit, we went loca over their chicken: 
Chicken Florentine
Spicy Chicken Wings
(tasteful to the bones!)
 and their Super Burger served with potato wedges.
(Try this and you'll forget about Burger King. Ok, just maybe. Since there's no more BK here in Batangas)

Their strawberry and cream shake was my first taste of HOT&COLD. Sadly, i didn't like it that much.  I guess not just for cold nights of december! But it's huge!
and this one, i really can't remember. I think some espresso or cappuccino. 

Hot and Cold Cafe
Brgy. Kumintang Batangas City, Philippines
Phone  +639274744465
Email  hotandcoldcafe@live.com
Facebook Page HOT&COLD


Sendong: flood victims need us.

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

Over the weekend, storm Sendong swept through Southern Philippines bringing heavy rains that resulted to flash floods and has already claimed nearly a thousand lives.According to news, there are 200,000 children in Mindanao who have lost their families and homes. They badly need us, our material help and of course, the sincerest of our prayers.

Click on the image to view ways on HOW TO DONATE. No matter how small, a little help still goes a long way. Thank you very much. Have a bright Christmas.


For Puerto Princesa Underground River.

>> Monday, September 5, 2011

This isn't just Puerto Prinsesa's fight to global stardom. This is our chance to make the whole world realize our very own beauty. Let us all support Puerto Princesa Underground River in its bid to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We already made it to TOP 28. We still have 67 days to make it in the distinctive spot. (voting ends on November 10, 2011) You may cast your vote by texting PPUR to 2861 or by voting through online at http://www.new7wonders.com/

Guys, let's not waste time, let's be one in vying for the 7 Wonders of Nature and make it happen!

And yes, before flying aboard, let's experience the beauty of a city in a forest @ http://www.visitpuertoprincesa.com/ 


i am a dreamer. i lazy dreamer.

>> Friday, August 19, 2011

found this written in my 2005 organizer.  dated august 19 (but as can be seen, it occupied the 20th and 21st) six years ago.

when will one day be?

when you know so well that your auditory cortex cannot analyze even the basic of music.
when you know so well that your paint brush have always been in struggle with its own liberation.
when you know so well, that to be a speech path, you gotta go back to college and give up the monthly salary you get as an employee.

and that to write a book, you need to perfect your grammar.


Let go.

>> Sunday, August 7, 2011

the conversation began with, you have lovely pair of hands, i’m envious. i smiled and said thank you, just as the natural me would do whenever i get surprise compliments, and went back to my reading. 

“You’re a counselor?” “Aha”. i gave a thrift answer, avoiding her eyes. Budol-budol gang is everywhere! But before my book and manila's heavy traffic totally consumed me, this complete stranger next to me began telling her fears. everything, maybe. well, everything that completes the picture of the whole scenario. 
13 years of being trapped in a onetime nightmare. how can she ever free herself?

(there’s a lot of striking points i’d like to discuss.  but i have vowed to my profession to keep things confidential)

but her last question: You, have you ever gotten problems, like have you ever been into something so unforgiving?

I didn’t answer her question. There are things in life that will either break us or help us find ourselves; the thing is IT’S JUST ALWAYS US.  Forgiving doesn’t happen overnight. It is a painful process, but don’t worry, that’s why HE’s there. 

We parted at LRT Buendia. When i flipped my head, she’s gone. Just like that. I checked my things, nothing’s missing. And to quote her last words: Tama ka nga, siguro it’s just me all along.  

and today is a lazy noon, i think my hair needs some professional help!


to you, 
i hope you'll soon find the strength to heal your wounds, and have The Saviour's Love take all the pains away.


Britz Buffet

>> Friday, August 5, 2011

So, it's already August. And we knew we just had to do some bits and pieces of catching up with our busy lives and have some sweet hugs and,our favorite, aside from writing to the last of our functioning brain cell, have a taste of heaven food. 

And the gang, my siblings via "dugong-advo", Karen, Jane, Bem, Izus and Izan (Sorry, MArnee, Neneth and Meynard, i guess you three were busier than a bee, next time, promise you'll find time)  tried the recently opened resto located adjacent to the Holy Trinity Parish Church.
So, everyone, welcome to BRITZ Buffet Function Hall. 
(Sorry, we weren't able to take nice pictures of the place) 
As you may noticed, the dining place seems to be semi-Mediterranean. So neat and classy. Perfect for fine dining and family dinners. Actually, with our kinda- eclectic personalities, we find it hard to fit in. haha. 
but the nicest thing that they have here, is their veranda, it's like watching the busy city lights from a peaceful place. The bar is also located here where you can sip your fancy drinks while listening to some live music. Oh,i can only imagine. SoOo relaxing.

Oops, let me give you some food photos:
As appetizer, we had this salad with balsamic vinegar.
 Karen and I were kinda starving already. So felt like eating rice. And the viands we chose: pork sisig and yeee, all-time favorite, Kare-Kare!
  We also tried their pasta served with toasted bread. i love the penne!
  and for the sweets, they gave us free leche plan! 

I really enjoyed the night, i just hope that next time i can experience chillin out in their veranda! 

Britz is located at Pallocan West Batangas City
They open from 6PM -  9PM 
Phone Number 723-2531
Email britz@hotmail.com / britzbuffet@gmail.com
Check their FB @ BRITZ FANPAGE


101 bad things about a then-witch

>> Thursday, July 21, 2011

from personal experiences and vindictive remarks of tactless mouths.

1.    i am envious.
2.    i doubt, as always.
3.    i procrastinate.
4.    i care less.
5.    i discriminate.
6.    i despise stinky people.
7.    i commit mistakes.
8.    i am insensitive.
9.    i think ill of other people.
10. i sleep till noon.
11. i sin.
12. i am more than lazy.
13. i love mr. solitude.(which other people find hard to understand)
14. i hate the moon.(pls wait until i get the audacity to publish my post regarding this)
15. i am oh-so good in dispatching people.
16. i sour grape.
17. i make people feel bad. (and these people hate me but well, i absolutely, do not need them or them making me feel how bad i am,too. )
18. i hold grudges.
19. i have two left feet.
20. i sing out of tune melodies.
21. i am often late.
22. i skip meals.
23. i have ears that cannot tolerate noise.
24. i am bad with confrontation.
25. i put make up on wee hours and sleep with it which is torture to my skin.
26. i am forgetful.
27. i am selfish.
28. i am always right.
29. i have a bad habit of doing horrific stuff to my pitiful locks.
30. i am a mess. sometimes, a big mess.
31. i do not trust people.
32. i write nonsense things.
33. i have mood swings.
34. i am a funny person. (so, lemme show you what SCARY means!)
35. i am a brat.
36. i have a voice that is either too loud, sometimes so high-pitch, or too soft. but never well-modulated.
37. i say the wrong words.
38. i am scared. yes, so scared. you will never believe it.
39. i do not listen.
40. i dress histrionically. (i think i am not anymore!)
41. i am drastically a boring person.
42. i am an abuser of the unconscious process of getting away-slash-protection, only that in my case, i always know.
43. i don’t go to church every Sunday.
44. i mutely complain.
45. i am, most of the blue days, irrational.
46. i cannot speak in front of different (strange) faces without experiencing a severe frantic attack.
47. i do not believe that we should confess our sins through a priest.
48. i cram, endlessly and pointlessly. (weh)
49. ... 50 .... 51...

and YES! i didn’t make it to 101. see, i’m not that bad after all. hihi.

okay. i think i wrote this kinda 2 years ago. Found this from files of unwanted papers in my Mbox (memory box). It was entitled 101 bad things blah blah but i do not think i finished writing the 53 more. Maybe, i ran out of time or ran out of ink or paper? Or maybe, there really can’t be 101. haha, hooray to me! Well, I do not even remember my objective for writing 48 indignant things against my own self (which could cause future severe damages). Maybe i was into some help-self project like “reformatting crazy Gladi”. aw, i do not know, really!

actually, when i saw this, i was like, oh really? are these all? and at the same time, are these all true? i must just be kidding myself!  i don’t remember me being this and that... and before i wrestle with my own writing, i decided to post it here and maybe, i can know from you. or maybe you can add more.


Villa Escudero Plantacion Resort | Valentino Resort and Spa

>> Thursday, June 16, 2011

 Two days before my birthday, Nongnong gave us a wonderful treat, a day tour experience to Villa Escudero Plantacion and Resort. It was really a day! When we got there the ladies in "saya" greeted us  with some free tropical drinks. Our first stop was the AERA Memorial Museum, it has lots of antique pieces and each one was explained to us by the happy-face tour guide. Then we rode the "paragos" (pinoy sledge), while enjoying some live folk love songs.  My favorite was the bamboo rafting (see my photo above). it was my first! yeee. i so love anything connected to that H2O thing! hehe. And when we got hungry, there's no other place to go but to their famous waterfalls resto, and yes, EAT ALL YOU CAN! and if you're a fan of native deli, you'll surely love the food while your feet makes love to the water coming from the falls. oh. oh. the day was tiring, we didn't experience the birdwatching, oh, i dont why. but it was a nice day. 

If you like to check the rates and how to go there, just click on this link. and you may view more photos here.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is located at San Pablo City, Philippines but they have a Manila Office at 1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila with telephone nos. (632) 521-0830| (632) 523-0392| (632) 523-2944


and here's another nice getaway, this time with the guidance people at Valentino Resort and Spa. Very nice place, indeed. I hope i can spend another day or two here. The experience made me forget that we have just moved to our new apt and that i still have a lot to do back to the real world. How to go there? If you are just from Metro Lipa, you can actually just ride a jeep going to Lemery, Batangas and tell the driver to drop you off the place. And you're there, just like me.
Valentino resort and Spa is situated in one of the 33 barangays in San Jose, Batangas, Pinagtung-ulan San Jose Batangas.   You may contact them at  (043) 783-0558 /63917-5155936 /63918-4952338 or email them at info@valentinoresortandspa.com


Coffee vs. Mint Blend Herbal Infusion

>> Friday, June 10, 2011

It was during college when i learned to consume more than the usual cups of coffee a day. I guess i needed lots of caffeine to at least make my self nervous with my then quietly crazy life. haha. And so, college friends would always tag me as a certified coffee addict. But after graduation, i realized that it was't so healthy at all. So, I started to avoid coffee, and  it actually felt like killing myself by limiting my intake to two sips a day! Imagine that - imagine severe torture. oh, just shoot me, please! But if that's what it takes to have healthier skin and lessen my being insomniac- then, why not? 

So, it's been a habit to opt for fruit juices and tea instead of coffee whenever i go to coffeeshops. Yes, been through those sad nights of sipping my english breakfast tea with honey while my mouth secretly salivates over my friends' caramel macchiato! But gone are those days, i already stopped being so hard on myself when it comes to coffee. A fancy cup won't kill, anyway. But my body has been so immune to tea already, and my exhaustion still craves for it ever now and then.

And now, i'd like you to meet my favorite tea, aside from the default lipton tea, which has been a default tea due to affordability. hehe.

Tea lovers, meet starbucks' mint blend. It has a sweet flavor of spearmint and has the cooling taste of peppermint with a hint of tarragon. Having a sip is actually overly relaxing!

You can buy Starbucks Mint Blend from any Starbucks Store.


saving private gladi

>> Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(sometime in october) 
i do not know what time it is. one of the rarest moments in my daily life. the wall clock stopped ticking. i am too lazy to check my mobile phone’s time. and even more sluggish to turn the tv on to check the current news. i wanted to feel the luxury of being lost in space, even for this one stolen evening.

if only i could tear all these out, maybe i’m a better person. 

For the first time since this orange sofa set came in our house, it’s only now that i finally found a comfortable position in its corner. Earlier, i was holding a blue book i purchased from a booksale months ago, longing for a day to come that i can finally have the appetite to reach out for it and make a good jumpstart in my life. Hours ago, there was the noisy music from the neighbor’s playlist. But now, there’s nothing. No sound at all. Only the deep sound of the night and the droplets of water from the bathroom’s silly faucet.

and i feel like crying. Just cry. Maybe an attempt to stir away the faked headache.

and i hope i never heard lies. I hope i never met some people so i wont always end up bombarding my brain to forget. And i hope erasing wont take so much pride, pain and headache. i hope some people never pushed me to my very limit, so i can still hope to have them back. I hope i never have to leave whenever i get myself damn hurt. 

But maybe, that’s the only way i know. and God knows what my heart desires, to atleast save a piece of myself. And to start from there. Goodluck to me. 



No one. No one will remember.

One noon after work, i decided to drop by to my then office. It was still the very same office; my things are still neatly sitting there as i left it. (i remember kidding mija not to let anyone touch my stuff else...) 

I sat there. And once more, made connections with the comfort brought by the blue swivel chair that once been claimed as mine. i closed my eyes and laid my back to its just-right firmness.  My palms went over the curves of it as my fingertips slide into the sides of my wooden table’s glass imperfection. I flip over to the pages of my counselees’ records. One thing is for sure, i broke my promise. I can no longer be there for them. The idea breaks me. 

Two and half years, i said to myself. Who can forget the first day i sat on that chair? Who can forget the first time i made a memo letter for that office? Who can forget the very first student i encountered, and the very first one who came back and to say thank you? and who can forget the very first time my boss gave me his popular hand gesture?

No one. No one will remember. 

Two and half years. It did not take me a lifetime. How come every inch of that room reminds me so much of myself? How come i feel a part of me has been left in every corner, in every space, in every paper and in everything existing inside that room? 

I was filled with emotions, if only i could sat in one corner and sleep there till my dreams take me to neverland, so i can feel that at least for a night, the whole thing had been mine.

But as darkness eats the dusk, i know i had to leave. and i just be thankful. 

(well, that afternoon was my way of saying a sweet goodbye. sorry if i invaded the office without any permission.  promise, that will be the last time. thank you.)


Yes! Now i know there's an Aeta in heaven.

>> Sunday, March 27, 2011

 You, Intin, with the yellow set of teeth and comical hair that always looked teased. And, eyes that reflects contentment amidst nothing so glamorous. You, who i have always thought of as a petite version of Quasimodo with over-sized polo and farmer-folded pants. They never fail to amaze me, really.  It was a big mistake of mine not to talk to you about the culture that you grew up with. How your parents looked like. How you met the love of your life. Inay said you came from a tribe from Negros, and as a kid then, i was scared, and would just content myself from seeing you a far getting fire woods and “pongapong” for the pigs, or simply helping  in the farm stuff. But now, I am filled with happiness that, finally, you will feel the tight embrace of the ONE who really loves you. Thank you for giving three beautiful people in our family, Vic, Ate Liza and Jimmy. We are indebted to you because of this.


Bel Piato Cafè and Bistro

>> Friday, March 4, 2011

 Batanguenos were all surely excited when this cafe, Bel Piatto Cafè and Bistro opened opposite to Batangas SM City - and yes, i was one of those. This cozy cafe offers a variety of Asian, European and American inspired appetizers, entrees and desserts. There's also an assortment of hot and cold coffee, frappuccino, and even wine! 

Been here for a couple of times already, with good friends, with office mates, with family. But i always forget to take pictures of the place. Maybe i was so busy admiring their food.
 For drinks: try their iced lattè ,banana split mocha frappuccino and strawberry and cream.
For salad, mixed vegetable salad and what i had last 2011V-day, warldorf salad.
For pasta: i highly recommend creamy baked macaroni and pomodoro pasta
or if you like to eat something with rice: have a taste of pepper crusted fish fillet and Italian Tempura
for bread and cheese lovers, fill your mouth with cheesy tuna sandwich
 and for the sweettooth owners,  don't you ever leave without pampering your salivating mouth with their chocolate with caramel filling and of course, cheesecake!

Bel Piatto Cafe and Bistro
P. West, 4200 Batangas, Philippines
Phone No. 437222236
Check their FB account BEL PIATTO FB


coke: i need you back. badly.

>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i thought i could forget.
for every single day that passed, i constantly tell myself that you are no good to me. as i have promised to myself that i would remain faithful to my words. i could bear to thirst myself from the sweet adrenaline that only you can give. it's excruciating. but my mind can endure the pain. as always.

but i was wrong.
for my stomach needs you.  for it's only you that can calm down the urging. the chaos inside.

and i am left here, staring at your coldness.
gulping every inch of my precious pride. dwelling with my own self. one part says i should have not given up. another part says, i can't live without you. which i believe isn't true. one part says, how about all those that you have been fighting for? another part says, people will laugh at your inconsistency but who cares? well, i do not know but what i know is one part of my body needs you. and it's not going to function normal without you. i do not know if i have to trust myself or if my subconscious is just making stupid excuses just to feel you again in my body.

but yes, i stupidly need you. i'm pleading you back. i'm sorry i let you go.

 (just some crazy idea, i promised myself not to consume any carbonated drinks, including my most loved, COKE but i realized that coke has been my "kontra-diarrhea" for the longest time. Where i got the idea, i guess from a Japanese speaker who said in one of the seminars i attended that if your stomach's in trouble, just grab a can of coca cola! )



Pinoy Laughter Yoga

>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

really, i can't find the perfect words to express the kind of bliss brought by this workshop. 
so, i'll go for a solemn ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

          I''m a yoga enthusiast. i remember attending yoga class way back in college. and youtubeing yoga videos so i can do it at home. Weeks before attending this workshop, i was actually into web searching for a yoga class in Lipa, but sadly, found no result.  

         A huge thanks to Mr. Paolo Martin Trinidad, founder of the Pinoy Laughter Yoga for bringing us a piece of India, i guess, a piece of heaven.  if only i have what it takes to be a certified yoga trainer, i would definitely enroll myself. but some things aren't just for me. if only i could brag to the whole world about how marvelous this Pinoy Laughter Yoga is, so everyone will push their support, i definitely would.  But what i can definitely do is to pray to the Almighty God (or to Bathala, as how he said is the name of God for Pinoys) shower him with good health and burning passion so he may continue to be a blessing to millions and to always be a  an effective instrument of uniting the hearts and souls of PINOYS through one healthy laugh.


BIRTHDAY PROJECT: postponed due to blustery weather.

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

 It was the 19th day of the year 1986. It was dawn. It was a Sunday. For sure, it was cold and breezy. That was all I know about that day. That E-O day.
That was 25 years ago.

And that thought always makes me happy.

Actually, i was into a SILVER BIRTHDAY PROJECT. Everything’s carefully noted. Everything’s well-planned. But at the mid of my being excited, i needed to stop and discontinue the whole thing. Although i was endowed of making other people believe (whenever i want to), it is myself that i can never ever fool. There are things in life that can’t be changed by a crazy birthday project. There are things in life i am neither ready to embrace nor let go.

so here's my birthday status yesterday:
mind status: hopeful
heart status: weary
physical status: exhausted

 or maybe the past 19 days had just been so tiring and pressuring for me. and i know i needed to pause for a while to make something out of my silver year. Some time for myself, maybe.  Days before my birthday, my sister kept on bugging me about what i wanted to do. i so much wanted to tell her to invite people and we’ll party all night.  But i can’t find those words inside my heart.  To be honest, what’s circling in my aching head was to wear some running shoes and dash in wherever lane i can catch, or be somewhere near the sand, where i can feel the sun and taste the seawater and dive over and over and stay under without breathing until i can’t stand anymore. or just simply stand in the rain. Just to make an excuse for my tears to fall. Then i can go back at dinnertime, all nimble and refined, and sip some white wine with friends. 

but my job can't afford that. else i'll feel guilty "imploring for inner peace" while one of my office mates go through the pain of boredom and extra "gastos"  just to fill in for my being absent at work.  that's a no-no.

but today. a day after my birthday and now that i am 25 years and one day old. i want to make sure that every inch of the next 365 days will be in superb mode. well, i don't know how. i just know. maybe because, for the first time in 2011, it is just today that i am not late. maybe because i am loving the french vanilla coffee and fool's garden's lemon tree. and it has been the only music on my background for the whole day. or maybe because fool's garden is now following me on twitter! haha. i just know i'll be happy. 

Oh, thank you to ALL who wished me a happy birthday. Phone calls (sorry for those calls i was not able to answer), text messages, e-mails, fb wall greetings and messages, gifts, and greeting cards are all sweetly appreciated.

P.S: i have always believed that birthday is the only time where fairytale exists. it came, just as expected. and you didn't.  i guess, we can never really see each other. cause, far or near, I still CAN’T SEE YOU.

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