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>> Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm calling all foodtrippers with an overheated love for Japanese cuisine, i just discovered a wonderful one located at Lima Square, Lipa City. - the one that made me forget about Tokyo-Tokyo - oh, wait, you gotta exclude Tokyo-Tokyo's Shitake burger there! -
So, everyone, welcome to:
 Ipponyarri Japanese Restaurant.
What's that again?
一本  is the symbol for ippon which literally means one full point; then this is for yarri which according to Atty. B means spear.
 And according to my google friend, it's an idiom for, one great effort.
 by the way, happy birthday, Chinnie! Thanks for posing ala-Japanese.
And thank you to our Japanese-looking boss who patiently detailed each of the menu for us, and of course, for this wonderful treat!

Let's see what's inside:
 As you enter the resto, you will be greeted with files of Japanese reads, should i say, Manga?
and this thing hanging on the corridor's wall. I think this is a list of their "special menu" for the day.
 I was trying to capture the corner of the resto where you can eat in seiza-style. Hihi.

Now, let's see the food worth chowing:
We were served with mixed vegetables and tea right after we gave our orders. And yes, you don't have to bother to go to the washroom to wash your hands. They got wet towels for each guest. (i'm just thinking if it's hygienic, but for the sake of first-time experience, i used it!)
Atty. B got this noddle soup which comes with nori seaweeds, bean sprouts, meat topped with leeks. hey, i love that wooden ramen ladle!
This is grilled Sanma or Pacific Saury. This elongated fish tastes like our very own tulingan, only that, it's tastier. It was always a question to me how Japanese manage to eat something like this without using spoon and fork. And now i know!
This one is tufo. I'm not sure if this is the old and well-known Japanese dish, agedashi tofu.
but i skipped trying this one since there's still lots in our fridge! 
I suddenly missed grade school days with this bowl of soy beans, or utaw. We used to grow this in our grade school gardening subject. But this one was bigger than what we usually get from our market, and yummier. 
Chinnie had this chicken bento menu. It looks like chicken karaage. This was served with some appetizer, a bowl of rice, miso soup and a glass of green tea;
the appetizer: a slice of tea egg, a small portion of tomato based-pasta and some dried seaweeds.
The miso soup: It tastes like the one in Tokyo-Tokyo, only that it's richer in flavor.
And here goes the colorful mixed sushi with pickled ginger. Let me check if i can recall what's in the plate: the two wrapped in nori are fish egg and sea urchin. then the ones in thumb-length pillows of rice are with raw fishes, i think salmon and tuna, squid, crab stick and chicken egg on top. I think Japanese mouth are quite big if they consider this bite size!
And this one, my favorite, the one that perfectly fitted my picky (?) taste buds (and mouth): tuna sashimi with fresh umi budo (or sea grapes, a kind of seaweed) and radish. The tuna tastes so fresh and sweet while the umi budo's salty and it has this crunchy effect, it felt like having to pop plastic balloons inside your mouth (i do not know if i described it correctly, though) and the radish, it served as the one that balanced the taste of the tuna and the saltiness of the seaweeds. Opps, do not forget to dip this in soy sauce with wasabi. Combine these four in your mouth and you'll surely can't deny heaven.  
oh. this! this is rice wine in ceramic pot. Just like any alcohol, it's best served when cold.
And my cherry-blossom love affair with these eye-candy Japanese food ended with a glass of iced-cold coffee. Solved! 
 Bye, Mr. Japanese Man. I'm dying to see you again soonest!

Ippon Yarri Japanese Restaurant
Lima Square, Malvar, Batangas City


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