Villa Escudero Plantacion Resort | Valentino Resort and Spa

>> Thursday, June 16, 2011

 Two days before my birthday, Nongnong gave us a wonderful treat, a day tour experience to Villa Escudero Plantacion and Resort. It was really a day! When we got there the ladies in "saya" greeted us  with some free tropical drinks. Our first stop was the AERA Memorial Museum, it has lots of antique pieces and each one was explained to us by the happy-face tour guide. Then we rode the "paragos" (pinoy sledge), while enjoying some live folk love songs.  My favorite was the bamboo rafting (see my photo above). it was my first! yeee. i so love anything connected to that H2O thing! hehe. And when we got hungry, there's no other place to go but to their famous waterfalls resto, and yes, EAT ALL YOU CAN! and if you're a fan of native deli, you'll surely love the food while your feet makes love to the water coming from the falls. oh. oh. the day was tiring, we didn't experience the birdwatching, oh, i dont why. but it was a nice day. 

If you like to check the rates and how to go there, just click on this link. and you may view more photos here.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is located at San Pablo City, Philippines but they have a Manila Office at 1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila with telephone nos. (632) 521-0830| (632) 523-0392| (632) 523-2944


and here's another nice getaway, this time with the guidance people at Valentino Resort and Spa. Very nice place, indeed. I hope i can spend another day or two here. The experience made me forget that we have just moved to our new apt and that i still have a lot to do back to the real world. How to go there? If you are just from Metro Lipa, you can actually just ride a jeep going to Lemery, Batangas and tell the driver to drop you off the place. And you're there, just like me.
Valentino resort and Spa is situated in one of the 33 barangays in San Jose, Batangas, Pinagtung-ulan San Jose Batangas.   You may contact them at  (043) 783-0558 /63917-5155936 /63918-4952338 or email them at info@valentinoresortandspa.com


Coffee vs. Mint Blend Herbal Infusion

>> Friday, June 10, 2011

It was during college when i learned to consume more than the usual cups of coffee a day. I guess i needed lots of caffeine to at least make my self nervous with my then quietly crazy life. haha. And so, college friends would always tag me as a certified coffee addict. But after graduation, i realized that it was't so healthy at all. So, I started to avoid coffee, and  it actually felt like killing myself by limiting my intake to two sips a day! Imagine that - imagine severe torture. oh, just shoot me, please! But if that's what it takes to have healthier skin and lessen my being insomniac- then, why not? 

So, it's been a habit to opt for fruit juices and tea instead of coffee whenever i go to coffeeshops. Yes, been through those sad nights of sipping my english breakfast tea with honey while my mouth secretly salivates over my friends' caramel macchiato! But gone are those days, i already stopped being so hard on myself when it comes to coffee. A fancy cup won't kill, anyway. But my body has been so immune to tea already, and my exhaustion still craves for it ever now and then.

And now, i'd like you to meet my favorite tea, aside from the default lipton tea, which has been a default tea due to affordability. hehe.

Tea lovers, meet starbucks' mint blend. It has a sweet flavor of spearmint and has the cooling taste of peppermint with a hint of tarragon. Having a sip is actually overly relaxing!

You can buy Starbucks Mint Blend from any Starbucks Store.

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