justice will die over and over again.

>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

photo courtesy of ph.yfittopostblog.com

i have told myself never to get too much involved to anything that the media presents. because its either they are lying or i am believing. But finally reading the news about the acquittal of the convicted slayers of the 3 Viscondes made me sleepless. Yes, until 2am and not a bat from my long lashes.

Nineteen years. This is a case I almost grew up with. You know, being talked about in the news, movies and everything. The whole thing isn’t vivid to me but the picture of a lovely lady who was grisly slaughtered, the Webbs’ beautiful faces, the famous Jessica Alfaro glasses. They all seem to be a part of my past, of most of our past.

Well, i do not care if they are 8000 miles away or if Alfaro (where is she, anyway?) is lying. Who are we to know? Truth can always be tampered. Because there are people who has this gift of making themselves believe that what they are saying is true. Maybe, Mr. Vizconde is right; it’s time to do away with the blindfolded lady. Everything seems to be a form of mockery, like the loss of the sample semen which God knows whose fault!

But you know to who i am so devastated with? This Gerardo Biong, who destroyed the evidence in the Vizconde case. There was once this big chance of getting in touch with justice but he, a man supposed to save the truth, took everything away. He just gave people another shot of disgust to the profession. For me, he should remain in jail until the culprit is caught. But then he was freed after serving 15 years in jail.

Nineteen years. And the long search for justice of a fragile man for his murdered family just ended up with an elusive dream of finding whoever the true slayers of the despicable crime are.

This broke my heart. And i can only pray for Lauro Vizconde's deep sorrow to be tightly embraced by God’s grace. I think its not so far for this same thing to happen to the maguindanao massacre. (God borbids)


island away at Island Verde=)

>> Wednesday, November 10, 2010

         Most of us would curse after some minutes or hours of having "no power". We become irritable. We stop and blame meralco for their service because without electricity, we cannot do our daily chores. Because, whether we admit it or not, our life is now so dependent to electricity. Without electricy, we mostly are immobile. But you know what, i have this fond feeling whenever there's no "power" during night time, specially in our "bukid".  i do not know. but there is something in darkness that i am so inlove with. You know, just listening to nature. Just listening to bugs and the sound created by the wind and the tree leaves. The stories. Or just the silence. The "lampara". For me, its a way of escape. Yet, i do not exempt my self from those whose life is dependent to the prescence of electricity.

         But can you imagine life without electricity. Not just the idea that the light switch will  temporary be unavailable for giving instant light and convenience. i mean, a whole life without electricity. No hair dryer to blow dry our hair. No refrigerator to give us iced-cold water. And yes, meat is never a luxury to every meal. No cellphones. No air-condition. No tv. No laptops. Oh gosh. Imagine that. Nothing but true nature. Will you survive?

         i had a bit taste of it for three days. well, ate madel and ate grace had been bombarding me to go with them to "isla verde" eversince they discovered this no-electricity island. Ate madel kept on convincing me and giving me promise of solitude. And yes, you read it right. Sa kabila ng pagpupunyagi natin sa maka-bagong teknolohiya , nasaksihan ko ang isang isla sa katagalugan na tila napag-iiwanan ng ipinagmamalaki nating pag-usad. An island where the only source of light is sunlight, and candle or gasera at night. There are very few houses who were able to afford to buy generators as a source of electricty, including the church and house of the "kura parokyo" in Barangay Paco. Not every house has a pumping faucet. Barrio people need to fetch water from a common place where there is an existing one. Most viands are canned goods, vegetables and fish, most of the days, there's none. But you know, what's lovely with the place? People are so friendly. You will never feel that you don't belong to the group. Maybe, that is a common barrio culture. Well, much said. Now, here's a three-day trip to isla verde:

day 1 is friday. Dental and Medical
           i, with ate melai, badly needed to catch the 6AM boatride to the island, so from Batagas Plaza we rode a 100-peso tricycle ride to Leah Beach. Pero sabi ni Manong Tricycle driver, nakamura pa daw kami because the usual transaction daw is P120.00. But if you're not so much in a hurry namna, you can have a cheaper alternative, ride the trip via Tabangao for just P 9.00. and hooray, you'll find your feet ready to rumble with the sandgrains of Tabangao beaches.
             St. Paul's boat which was filled with more or less 30 heads, mostly medical people (yes, doctors and dentist) and volunteers  was resting quite far from the shore so for passengers to jump into it, there's a need to pay for P5.00 fare with the little boat which picture is on the left. When we arrived at the shore, there were kids cladded in their blue and white school uniform accompanied by their teachers and with sister elena who greeted us in chorus with "Good morning, Visitors, Welcome to Isla Verde!" 

           Right after the mass, we ate dinugan and bread. nice! (trivia: i do not eat dinuguan with rice, only with puto or bread. hehe) and then we proceed to the dental and medical mission where doctors and dentist rendered their services to our kababayan in isla for free. The dentist association also taught children how to brush their teeth and yes, gave each one free toothbrush and toothpaste!

           well, very meaningful first day, right? but didn't end just like that. because, it was also Ate Melai's birthday! so there's gin (haha) and calamansi. i had one shot then just joined the gang with my sprite and calamansi and chicaharon. and songs and yes, stories. scene one was ate madel's bangelya drama, she just proved her consistency of being a certified TALKER! (i hope i can upload her video here. hah!) and scene two which happend around by 2am when everybody's asleep, ate melai woke me up grasping for air which eventually had awoken everybody. Reason: she can't breath due to complete darkness, patay na kasi ang generator. now, miss achluophobia, are you afraid of the dark? hehe.

day 2 is my favorite. i call this sWEaT life.
first activity was the boat trip to Ozone Dive Resort.
         Aw. you will surely fall inlove with the SO clear water, it's so blue! timecheck: around 11AM -2PM. haha. nothing really changed. i'm still so hooked with my long-standing love affair with the seawater and the sun! and i still love torturing my skin with the sun rays! i even jumped right into the water without sunblock (i was super excited, i forgot!) without even thinking twice.

         We left the resort with me having a wide-wide smile in my heart. and yes, also because of the humor brought by Ka Sano (epic talaga!). Even the mere thought of him makes me laugh. and then , after late lunch, we played basketball. (this is the sweaty part) Team one: ate melai, ate madel and ate grace. Team two: Nongnong and me. First round, they won. but we bagged the second round. so patas lang. though, madaya sina ate. since they cannot do anything with Nongnong, ako lang ang binabantayan nila. so i was left with bruises in my arms and legs. Buti na lang, i'm good and quick when it comes to passing the ball. haha! hay, i can no longer remember the last time i sweat like that one. sobra. sobra. i was known kasi for someone who doesn't sweat so much. kahit ang iba ay tuluan na sa pawis, i'm still poised with very little perspiration. but now. but now. oh, gosh. paarng tubig na tumutulo sa ulo ko. haha.

        and then, after the basketball laughing tournament, we freshened up and readied ourselves for a 15-minute walk daw to Brgy. Subukin. The barangay was scheduled for a monthly mass. But oh, gosh! it wasn't a 15-minute walk away. it was a 15(+)-minute run away. but then, i had to enjoy the trip so not to be left behind in the darkness (since it was already getting dark then) i jogged the whole time until we reached our destination, a small chapel with patroners waiting for their kura's (kura is a tagalog word for priest) arrival. Nongnong talked about the footprints in the sand for his homily. i love that story. it reminded me of all my worries and how i get passed through all of those. How people can have the audacity to complain and question where God is. How people survive a great pale of pain. how people forget who was really there during those times of almost giving up. Well, i am proud of myself because there was never a time that i ever question where God is amidst everything. because i know He is always everywhere, watching over me.

          About the barrio people, they were all so kind, they even prepared a dinner for us. Wow. Fresh bulanglang, fish, chicken tagalog tinola and home-made buccaio. After dinner was another long walk back to our place which made us hungry again. buti na lang Tita Remy cooked bulanglang and chicharon for us. Then, they played cards with some crazy punishments. i hate punishments, so i skipped and just played with some cellphone games.

       Day three is the last day.
         we attended two masses. the one in Barangay Paco and the other one was in a boat away barangay, San Agus Silangan. Oh. OH. you think last day didnt give us another new adventure? When we dismounted from the boat, i saw the cement stair right away. researchers said that climbing the stairs will make us fit but i guess its going to be overly tiring when you need to climb a 333(+,maybe) steps everyday. hah!
and so, our feet ended up covered with mud.

it was midday when we sailed back to Batangas. yes with our muddy feet and sweaty shirts. and there's no other way to celebrate a good trip than a yellowcab treat. we filled our tummy with pizzas ( our two most favorite: new york's finest and dear darla) and chicken wings.
and with my top most favorite in yc.
raspberry sola and twice-baked potato halves. YUMYUM.
and my new discovery (courtesy of Nongnong) 
Charlie Chan pasta. i like the mushroom, and yes, there's nuts!

i think this place would be a wonderful place for those people who would like to go for a retreat. Because here, you will have most chances of appreciating life and seeing beauty in darkness.


togs grill and their cheesecake

>> Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finally. After years of rummaging around just to  give my tongue the taste of the very first cheesecake i fell inlove with.  i’ve found you. it was more than a decade. Gosh. Well, maybe nothing will ever beat the first time but this one, this one reminds me so much of the first time. the texture. the taste. the crust. the smell. oh, yes, the aroma, i’ve longed to crave for that aroma. and yes, it was served right on the most perfect timing, neither  too frozen, nor into the melting stage already, just right!
yes. just for P90.00 per slice mga friends! or you can buy me a whole for P650.00 lang!
and here are other items you can find in their menu:

baby back ribs with corn cob and lettuce for P200.00
asparagus soup. we'll its not creamy at all. i hope they can improve this one.
i do not exactly remember but i think this one is what they call butterfly shrimp. 
grilled squid and eggplant with and tomatoes and mango for P180.00
i like this one, sweet chili wings for P185.00
i just grabbed this photo from their fb account. hihi.
we also ordered sinigang na hipon for P185.00 but i forgot to take a photo. and yes, this place is wireless hotspot and they have a band, i think, every friday night. so, if you guys just want to chill out or avail of a free wifi, or just for gastronomy, here's one place to go in Batangas.


BIGG's Diner with the after FIVE group.

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hey hey hey, i (with ms. joy, tita babes, kuya elwyn and jed) found another must-try resto here in Lipa City.

here's a brief background: From a small take-out window which gave a taste of American fare known to Nagueños as Mang Donald's in 1983 (correct, sounds like Mcdonalds that's why they had the need to stop operation due to some legal matters),  to Nald’s in 1984 which paved way to home cococted recipes such as goto and dinuguan, to Carl’s Diner in 1990 which brought back the American tasteand then, eventually the resto became which is now known to us as BIGG's Diner in 1994. Actually, the Lipa branch is Bigg’s 15th store. I like their ad saying We're good food, not fast food.

and here's what we had:
baby back ribs served with java rice (ofcourse i had plain rice) and buttered vegetables for P189.00
extreme platter (it has fries, chicken, cheese sticks and carrot strips) for P130.00
Southwestern Salad for P96.00
and their large iced tea (which is ms.joy's favorite) for P45.00

for dessert, we had:
Kookie Monster Cake for P39.00 (you know i always have the ♥ for chocolate cakes with caramel filling)
while m' babes had Carrot Cake for P49.00

 i'm not a lover of colorful-modern style but i really do appreciate their interior design. With all the interesting stuff posted and hanged, i think there is really beauty in chaos. The dining area in the entrance reminds me of  typical American restaurants in the ‘50s, then the one in the middle has an interior of a train, they even have these vintage luggage, i really like to experience sitting in there but since all seats were already taken, we occupied the ala-sporty area where you would see faces of Muhammad Ali, David Remnick, and other power athlete, and yes, if you're a couch potato who loves watching baseball or basketball games, let me tell you, you wont miss home, because they have a TV. YEEE! We left the resto as FIVE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

P.S. thanks to M' Babes and Ms. Joy for the stomach-ful treat! here's more BIGG's Diner's  photos.


more of Johanna's Grille.

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

october 15.
first, today is my first day @ the UBLIPA Satellite Office.
second, is ate madel's birthday.
third, is johanna's grille. period.

pictures here!

have i told you that i am a pasta lover? so i tried their carbonara.  
the birthday girl ate madel, tita zeny and tin had a taste of Johanna's Grille's tear-jerkingly good bbr with garlic rice. much has been heard about their babyback ribs. it's getting so famous that its now being the favorite of the town and yes, cyberpeople, too.
ate grace had hungarian sausage and fries. see the mustard? I love dipping my french fries in mayo and mustard!
coffee for aiza 
 JD's homemade cheesecake which always gets a =( from me.
and, this one, i super like, tuna salad.  
haha. were all in our SMILES!


two people.

>> Tuesday, October 12, 2010

nothing much to say. you should know that you are still the most beautifullest of all. (i remember the term i used when i was in my third grade, when my teacher ask us to draw and describe our parents, and i drew you and dad, you in your ribboned hair and checkered chinese collared white blouse  and pencil cut blue skirt. and dad in his long sleeved and famous hat. i thought you were a teacher because you looked like one, so i told the class that you were. maybe my taecher was surprised and laughing at me that time. well, i do not care. what i want is you to be happy. happy birthday, mother!

dad, this day is also for you. for all i know,  you will always be the only handsome man i know who ever existed in this lifetime. and i think i won't marry any guy because of that! hehe. i you BIG!


cafe abuelita

>> Monday, October 11, 2010

Cafe Abuelita is a Spanish-inspired café which offers a rustic yet homey ambience. It boasts of its one of a kind list of Spanish coffee, including its very own Cafe Cortado (Espresso with a little bit of cream), Cafe Negro (black coffee), Café Carajillo (spiked coffee) and Cappuccino. It also offers its very own recipe for Bocadillos (sandwiches), Batangas Adobo, Crepes, Hot Chocolate and home-made Gelatto.(-Cafe Abuelita FB page)

it was last June 10, just right after a tiring day of boxing with all the accreditation-related paper works  when i first learned about this spanish inspired cafe. Sir Bernard was just so right on time for a coffee invitation treat. yes, sir, we needed some caffeine. We badly needed to sip some eye-candy caffeine! So the three girls (me, jousen and aiza) hopped into his gorgeous BMW and we drove in to this mini-spanish bistro, CAFE ABUELITA!

sir had dalandan juice:
while we tried their cold concoctions: jousen and aiza had Batido de Galletas con Crema (P130.00), i had Strawberry Espresso (P125.00).
we also had a taste of their Churros (loveit!)
and their sandwiches served with potato chips. we had Chicken Asparagus (for P90.00) and Batangas Adobo (P 70.00). Sorry, i failed to get a photo of the latter.
well, i love the couch. it gives me a feeling of relaxation. and after that first cafe abuelita episode i just knew i'll be back again and again. so come one  mid-day of October 10, me and aiza  craved for some iced-cold coffee  and decided to check what's new with the cafe.

this time,i had Iced con Leche (P 85.00)
and Batido de Galletas con Crema for Aiza
 i really like eating sardines and pandesal together so we tried their Sardinas Bocadillo (P65.00). it's a little bit spicy but just right for the tastebud!
as you can see on the pricelistc: MUY BARATO!!! you can enjoy a cup of eye-candy coffee without worrying about your budget. and yes, they made some interior renovations this time, the couch where i had fantasized to be seated again and again is now placed outside the cafe, there's more tables this time and of course how can i forget to give high commendation for their shipshape air-conditioned restroom. =)


retreat @ Tagaytay

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010

the room's a bit creepy. the session's a bit sleepy. hehe. but it's just so nice to spend some moment together. 


Summer Get-a-Away @ LOBO

>> Thursday, September 2, 2010

i do not know what kept me from blogging this one,maybe some busy-ness issue, maybe internet's fault. haha. yes,  this might be too late for a summer post but still worth posting, i believe.

April 25, 2010- the counselors had a trip to LOBO Batangas.
so here it is, an overnight bonding away from work
with bonfire
and foods!
bangus sisig.
kinilaw ng dulong. yum!
i can't remember what this one is but it has squash and garlic and pepper and other stuff i really can't remmber!
and nuts!
cheers to red horse
and girls' bonding! 
i just love the place. it's all so clean and blue.  
exhaustion, revelations, weariness, pain (including physical pain), yes, fatique. i guess, there is nothing that can't be sluice away by the salty seawater. best recommended to aching counselors. hehe. awts. there, i won't talk more. i might... i might end up (oh, never mind!). i will always ♥ everything about SUMMER.

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