our last phone call

>> Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday morning. And again, I am aching with the longing
The vulnerability kills.
I feel like I am losing my sanity inch by inch.

For how many times my fingers dialed your so familiar number
And for how many times I deleted it right before pressing the ok button
I do not know

For how long I have recited the lines
The most perfect lines. The most faultless tone.The very right words
My mind can no longer take grasp of

Six rings
And how I finally collected all the strengths
To say my first word

And how your voice, like thunderstorm told me how busy you are
How your sigh sliced me through
and finally made me realized
you’re no longer there for me…

and suddenly, I felt like a lost child


22 things to do before the year ends

>> Friday, January 4, 2008

1. keep a diary.
2. go to church.
3. never be LATE, again.
4. give time to read the bible and meditate.
5. forget everything about fortune telling and love potions.
6. write a feel good story before the year ends.
7. start SAVING.
8. no more impulsive buying.
9. more time for my FAMILY.
10. discover a new scent.
11. cry once in a while (like nobody's watching. mourn for one day. let go of all the ill feelings).
12. no more PRETENDING. (say the truth . feel free. hate the word PREVARICATION.)
13. clean my inbox.
14. watch a good movie.
15. learn how to budget.
16. write a letter to my long lost good friends.
17. wear a rubber shoes.
18. try a new sport (maybe, tennis?).
19. say SORRY.
20. do something about my teeth ( promise, nomore bugs bunny look!)
21. fall inlove (haha and more laughs).
22. Travel.


one hour before new year's eve

>> Tuesday, January 1, 2008

i just find it so funny to realize things and be very broken the very next day.

no time for senti modes , need to dress up my tuna salad.

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