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>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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i have told myself never to get too much involved to anything that the media presents. because its either they are lying or i am believing. But finally reading the news about the acquittal of the convicted slayers of the 3 Viscondes made me sleepless. Yes, until 2am and not a bat from my long lashes.

Nineteen years. This is a case I almost grew up with. You know, being talked about in the news, movies and everything. The whole thing isn’t vivid to me but the picture of a lovely lady who was grisly slaughtered, the Webbs’ beautiful faces, the famous Jessica Alfaro glasses. They all seem to be a part of my past, of most of our past.

Well, i do not care if they are 8000 miles away or if Alfaro (where is she, anyway?) is lying. Who are we to know? Truth can always be tampered. Because there are people who has this gift of making themselves believe that what they are saying is true. Maybe, Mr. Vizconde is right; it’s time to do away with the blindfolded lady. Everything seems to be a form of mockery, like the loss of the sample semen which God knows whose fault!

But you know to who i am so devastated with? This Gerardo Biong, who destroyed the evidence in the Vizconde case. There was once this big chance of getting in touch with justice but he, a man supposed to save the truth, took everything away. He just gave people another shot of disgust to the profession. For me, he should remain in jail until the culprit is caught. But then he was freed after serving 15 years in jail.

Nineteen years. And the long search for justice of a fragile man for his murdered family just ended up with an elusive dream of finding whoever the true slayers of the despicable crime are.

This broke my heart. And i can only pray for Lauro Vizconde's deep sorrow to be tightly embraced by God’s grace. I think its not so far for this same thing to happen to the maguindanao massacre. (God borbids)

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