>> Monday, June 28, 2010

Last June 25, I was invited to give a team-building talk to my former college group, ADVO’s seminar workshop for campus journalist. I have been doing this for four semesters already.But there is one thing I always tell them: that there is no I in teamwork, but also, there is no HIS. But there is always WE in teamwork, but you have to work to do that. Sometimes, i do think that i'm already boring them with my semestral presense but Claire accidentally gave me a push a day before the seminar by telling me that she is always looking forward to team-building talk because she finds it most enjoyable. Actually, Kuya Marco and I have been kidding about exchanging topics since he naman has been giving the copy reading talk every semester. But you know what i love most in this salindunong aside from we're almost complete, is that Marnee's back in the circle. =)

Hay, time flies. I remember those days I was just starting in Advo. It was a dream come-true since I have always dreamt of working in the publication. I made every day as a beautiful experience. the place where i met wonderful people who instantly became my family and the same place that tolerated my love for moments of solitude.  Every crook became an avenue of unearthing who and why and how. The basement hall became my shield and my only wonderwall.  It is my delight that i was part of the first Salindunong, I remember myself wearing a black and white tube dress during the opening, which I borrowed from Ma’am Portia, I felt so beautiful that day. It was during Kuya Norgs’ era when the semestral workshop obtained the name Salindunong. The word means transfer of knowledge or transfer of wisdom. It was derived from the tagalong words salin, which means transfer, and dunong, which is equivalent to knowledge or wisdom.

I know that am not a born writer. I know very little rule in technical writing. I have my own grammar flaws. But who cares, anyway? As long as I am writing from my heart and as long as I find happiness in every word I scribble, then that’s it. I cannot ask for more. I have made myself a writer and everything is a wonderful product of the intense passion and  the faith that God gave me to pursue it. Those two I have combined to the perspicacity that I have acquired from being a batang advo.
Oh, gosh. I’m gonna die the day manufacturers sans the production of pens and papers.

click here to view photos of Salindunong X.



>> Friday, June 4, 2010

I will always love the sea water, the good company, the sun and yes, the foods.

here we are before dozing off to a goodnight sleep.

moment with the sun, the sand and the salty sea water. i love our big sunglasses.

while everybody's taking their afternoon naps. oh gosh, i love to stay here every thursday afternoon. i think i'm going to marry on a thursday noon. haha.

nothing here, just feeding my narcism.

and ofcourse, i took photos of the sumptuous foods that made made my stay extra wonderful =)
dinner: chicken barbecue served with ripe mango, baked eggplant with cheese, fried sweet potato, fried rice, chopsuey, miso soup and buko juice.
breakfast: fried rice, tuyo, fried egg, longganisa, pandesal, toast with butter and strawberry jam, tomatoes, melon and banana served with hot choco. aiza had coffee.
lunch: seafood curry (yumyumyum), grilled pinaputok na tilapia, chicken tinola, ripe mango and watermelon.
during merienda, we had tuna spaghetti and pineapple-cucumber juice which me and aiza really enjoyed. i guess this will be our next favorite flavor for summer.

my final verdict: five shiny gold stars and a super hooray!

PS. Oops, special thanks and a hug to tita cely for inviting me over to this BALAI escapade!
tita cely, sheena and michael, gizelle, tamot and of course, aiza, it was really a lovely summer treat to be with you! 

more photos here.

Balai resort is located at Brgy. Abung San Juan Batangas. For more information, check their website at http://www.balai-resort.com/laiya.php
Rate range from P750/head for day tour and P3900+ for overnight package.  

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