101 bad things about a then-witch

>> Thursday, July 21, 2011

from personal experiences and vindictive remarks of tactless mouths.

1.    i am envious.
2.    i doubt, as always.
3.    i procrastinate.
4.    i care less.
5.    i discriminate.
6.    i despise stinky people.
7.    i commit mistakes.
8.    i am insensitive.
9.    i think ill of other people.
10. i sleep till noon.
11. i sin.
12. i am more than lazy.
13. i love mr. solitude.(which other people find hard to understand)
14. i hate the moon.(pls wait until i get the audacity to publish my post regarding this)
15. i am oh-so good in dispatching people.
16. i sour grape.
17. i make people feel bad. (and these people hate me but well, i absolutely, do not need them or them making me feel how bad i am,too. )
18. i hold grudges.
19. i have two left feet.
20. i sing out of tune melodies.
21. i am often late.
22. i skip meals.
23. i have ears that cannot tolerate noise.
24. i am bad with confrontation.
25. i put make up on wee hours and sleep with it which is torture to my skin.
26. i am forgetful.
27. i am selfish.
28. i am always right.
29. i have a bad habit of doing horrific stuff to my pitiful locks.
30. i am a mess. sometimes, a big mess.
31. i do not trust people.
32. i write nonsense things.
33. i have mood swings.
34. i am a funny person. (so, lemme show you what SCARY means!)
35. i am a brat.
36. i have a voice that is either too loud, sometimes so high-pitch, or too soft. but never well-modulated.
37. i say the wrong words.
38. i am scared. yes, so scared. you will never believe it.
39. i do not listen.
40. i dress histrionically. (i think i am not anymore!)
41. i am drastically a boring person.
42. i am an abuser of the unconscious process of getting away-slash-protection, only that in my case, i always know.
43. i don’t go to church every Sunday.
44. i mutely complain.
45. i am, most of the blue days, irrational.
46. i cannot speak in front of different (strange) faces without experiencing a severe frantic attack.
47. i do not believe that we should confess our sins through a priest.
48. i cram, endlessly and pointlessly. (weh)
49. ... 50 .... 51...

and YES! i didn’t make it to 101. see, i’m not that bad after all. hihi.

okay. i think i wrote this kinda 2 years ago. Found this from files of unwanted papers in my Mbox (memory box). It was entitled 101 bad things blah blah but i do not think i finished writing the 53 more. Maybe, i ran out of time or ran out of ink or paper? Or maybe, there really can’t be 101. haha, hooray to me! Well, I do not even remember my objective for writing 48 indignant things against my own self (which could cause future severe damages). Maybe i was into some help-self project like “reformatting crazy Gladi”. aw, i do not know, really!

actually, when i saw this, i was like, oh really? are these all? and at the same time, are these all true? i must just be kidding myself!  i don’t remember me being this and that... and before i wrestle with my own writing, i decided to post it here and maybe, i can know from you. or maybe you can add more.

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