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>> Friday, August 19, 2011

found this written in my 2005 organizer.  dated august 19 (but as can be seen, it occupied the 20th and 21st) six years ago.

when will one day be?

when you know so well that your auditory cortex cannot analyze even the basic of music.
when you know so well that your paint brush have always been in struggle with its own liberation.
when you know so well, that to be a speech path, you gotta go back to college and give up the monthly salary you get as an employee.

and that to write a book, you need to perfect your grammar.


Let go.

>> Sunday, August 7, 2011

the conversation began with, you have lovely pair of hands, i’m envious. i smiled and said thank you, just as the natural me would do whenever i get surprise compliments, and went back to my reading. 

“You’re a counselor?” “Aha”. i gave a thrift answer, avoiding her eyes. Budol-budol gang is everywhere! But before my book and manila's heavy traffic totally consumed me, this complete stranger next to me began telling her fears. everything, maybe. well, everything that completes the picture of the whole scenario. 
13 years of being trapped in a onetime nightmare. how can she ever free herself?

(there’s a lot of striking points i’d like to discuss.  but i have vowed to my profession to keep things confidential)

but her last question: You, have you ever gotten problems, like have you ever been into something so unforgiving?

I didn’t answer her question. There are things in life that will either break us or help us find ourselves; the thing is IT’S JUST ALWAYS US.  Forgiving doesn’t happen overnight. It is a painful process, but don’t worry, that’s why HE’s there. 

We parted at LRT Buendia. When i flipped my head, she’s gone. Just like that. I checked my things, nothing’s missing. And to quote her last words: Tama ka nga, siguro it’s just me all along.  

and today is a lazy noon, i think my hair needs some professional help!


to you, 
i hope you'll soon find the strength to heal your wounds, and have The Saviour's Love take all the pains away.


Britz Buffet

>> Friday, August 5, 2011

So, it's already August. And we knew we just had to do some bits and pieces of catching up with our busy lives and have some sweet hugs and,our favorite, aside from writing to the last of our functioning brain cell, have a taste of heaven food. 

And the gang, my siblings via "dugong-advo", Karen, Jane, Bem, Izus and Izan (Sorry, MArnee, Neneth and Meynard, i guess you three were busier than a bee, next time, promise you'll find time)  tried the recently opened resto located adjacent to the Holy Trinity Parish Church.
So, everyone, welcome to BRITZ Buffet Function Hall. 
(Sorry, we weren't able to take nice pictures of the place) 
As you may noticed, the dining place seems to be semi-Mediterranean. So neat and classy. Perfect for fine dining and family dinners. Actually, with our kinda- eclectic personalities, we find it hard to fit in. haha. 
but the nicest thing that they have here, is their veranda, it's like watching the busy city lights from a peaceful place. The bar is also located here where you can sip your fancy drinks while listening to some live music. Oh,i can only imagine. SoOo relaxing.

Oops, let me give you some food photos:
As appetizer, we had this salad with balsamic vinegar.
 Karen and I were kinda starving already. So felt like eating rice. And the viands we chose: pork sisig and yeee, all-time favorite, Kare-Kare!
  We also tried their pasta served with toasted bread. i love the penne!
  and for the sweets, they gave us free leche plan! 

I really enjoyed the night, i just hope that next time i can experience chillin out in their veranda! 

Britz is located at Pallocan West Batangas City
They open from 6PM -  9PM 
Phone Number 723-2531
Email britz@hotmail.com / britzbuffet@gmail.com
Check their FB @ BRITZ FANPAGE

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