An interview with a WITCH

>> Monday, September 15, 2008

Describe Gladi's typical day: My day starts at 6:30. I grab my thank you stone and take the shower. I should be in the office before 8 or 9. eat my breakfast, check conrado de quiros blog. work. work. work until 5. I usually eat dinner with friends, or sometimes if i feel like cooking, i do cook at home. by 10, i'm already ready to bed.

What is your daily uniform: It depends on the mood or on what i have to do for that day. But i'm most comfortable with jeans and a polo shirt.

What do you wear on dressy occassion? A dress, or a pair of jeans matched with a nice top, and of course, stilletos!

What is you Shoe/Bag Philosophy? When i was in college, i used to choose fashion over comfort so the higher , the better. But now i only reserve them for dressy occasion , or just keep them as collections. I now go for comfy pair of flats or flip flops. I also love my happy feet, I never get tired wearing 'em. i'm really choosy when it comes to bags. I'm very careful on choosing whichbag goes with an outfit. A nice bag can easily make an outfit while the wrong one will ruin the look in an instant.

Your favorite scent? At daytime, i wear either benetton cold or lacoste (smells so clean), i also like J&J powder mist cologne. During night-out, i love using my escada or amythyst by bvlgari. it feels so elegant. 
Favorite beauty products: Although, i'm not really fond of wearing make-up but i stick with neutrogena beauty products. I love their UV compact and trust their moisturizerand toner. i also use their facial foam.When i feel like putting somethiong pink on my face , i use body shop's cheek and lip tint.

Any beauty tips: Wash your face. Tone up and moisturize. Expoliate once a week. Use sunblock , especially when you're exposing your skin to too much sunlight. Have your hair trimmed once a month, just shampoo your hair everyother day, use conditioner in between. Use clarifying shampoo once a week. Use hair moisturizer , i recommend dove's hair moisturizer (it smells so good) Eat fruits and have plenty of water.

Favorite accessory:My favorite is my vintage jade ring with two stones around it. I feel that its my lucky charm.

Your best bargain: My nine west stilettos which i just bought for half its price!
What was the last thing that you bought? neutrogena lotion.
What are your travel must have: A good book. My red diary (from ava) , a pair of comfy shoes, jacket, atm card, sunglasses( i love the big ones) my beauty products ( half of which i don't really use). med kit.

Favorite item: My folded and hung bag. I can put everything that i'll be needing for the day , and some unnecessary stuff.

What do you do to relax: Head to the beach. I go to the beach thrice a year, A thing that i missed when i was working in a call center.

Favorite food: I love pasta in white sauce and lots of cheese, i also love it in fresh tomatoes. I always crave for seafoods (it's my comfort food)

Most exotic food you've ever tasted: Sizzling balot from Vivo. Now, i really find it too cruel eating such thing, its like i killed the duck!

What do you collect: good books, and shoes.

What are you currently reading: Kaleidoscope, and i'm still reading the secret ( a book given to me by AJ, ).it's a very optimistic book that i find hard to handle. I feel that its the counterpart of my personality, so i always have to make pauses.

You can't live without....: My family. Pens and papers.I'll wither the day manufacturers sans producing these items.

The hardest thing one can ever learn is...: Love. Love, love, LOVE!

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