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>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

from my redbook, written January 19, 2012. - 11:46PM 

Today, nothing is perfect. My life is still in its kinda-“dysfunctional” form. To be honest, my sky-scraping hopes are starting to wane, and i can’t help but feel that i am the only one who is believing, and i feel tired. Actually, if i’m not on a rag, maybe by dawn, my feet will be making love with the sand and saltwater (these skinny feet are so much in an itch to bond with their bestfriends). But i guess, i am happier. Because, finally, my languor self was punched by Coelho when he wrote, People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.

And he was just so dead right! 

Though, i still have questions, tons of nonsense of them, yes. but, i am thankful.

i am thankful that for the past three years i have learned to accept how dysfunctional life is. And i was able to deal with it. And my faith was strengthened and deepened.

I am thankful for the day-by-day people that i meet, for the learning, for the inspiration, for the strength that they supply me to keep on holding on and for the people i decided to keep who remained true and wonderful and with respect, not just for me but for the people i love.

I am thankful that i have never hooked up with the boy who will carry my dreams away from me. because when that happens, we’ll surely end up both wounded and broken. 

I am thankful to realize that i do not need to fly to Europe, or to India or to Batanes island just to find myself, because it has been here all along. (but one of these days, i’ll still go there to fall in love with their culture or with what ever they have there, and let me add... Brazil, Marinduque, Vigan and Brazil again!) 

My dreams are waiting. And if i wait for my brain cells to start functioning right, they might get tired standing. What i can do now is follow Dr. Sara Jordan’s advice, Everyday, give yourself a good mental shampoo! 

So, how was this day?
Let me say: Today, i am still imperfect, with lots of flaws and everything that will prove that i am just another human. But today is the perfect day to thank GOD for this wonderful day and for the best days that are yet to come.  

P.S. and today, i had fun with my girlfriends and siblings and I’m gonna blog about my project happiness once i get the chance!

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