Yes! Now i know there's an Aeta in heaven.

>> Sunday, March 27, 2011

 You, Intin, with the yellow set of teeth and comical hair that always looked teased. And, eyes that reflects contentment amidst nothing so glamorous. You, who i have always thought of as a petite version of Quasimodo with over-sized polo and farmer-folded pants. They never fail to amaze me, really.  It was a big mistake of mine not to talk to you about the culture that you grew up with. How your parents looked like. How you met the love of your life. Inay said you came from a tribe from Negros, and as a kid then, i was scared, and would just content myself from seeing you a far getting fire woods and “pongapong” for the pigs, or simply helping  in the farm stuff. But now, I am filled with happiness that, finally, you will feel the tight embrace of the ONE who really loves you. Thank you for giving three beautiful people in our family, Vic, Ate Liza and Jimmy. We are indebted to you because of this.


Bel Piato Cafè and Bistro

>> Friday, March 4, 2011

 Batanguenos were all surely excited when this cafe, Bel Piatto Cafè and Bistro opened opposite to Batangas SM City - and yes, i was one of those. This cozy cafe offers a variety of Asian, European and American inspired appetizers, entrees and desserts. There's also an assortment of hot and cold coffee, frappuccino, and even wine! 

Been here for a couple of times already, with good friends, with office mates, with family. But i always forget to take pictures of the place. Maybe i was so busy admiring their food.
 For drinks: try their iced lattè ,banana split mocha frappuccino and strawberry and cream.
For salad, mixed vegetable salad and what i had last 2011V-day, warldorf salad.
For pasta: i highly recommend creamy baked macaroni and pomodoro pasta
or if you like to eat something with rice: have a taste of pepper crusted fish fillet and Italian Tempura
for bread and cheese lovers, fill your mouth with cheesy tuna sandwich
 and for the sweettooth owners,  don't you ever leave without pampering your salivating mouth with their chocolate with caramel filling and of course, cheesecake!

Bel Piatto Cafe and Bistro
P. West, 4200 Batangas, Philippines
Phone No. 437222236
Check their FB account BEL PIATTO FB


coke: i need you back. badly.

>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i thought i could forget.
for every single day that passed, i constantly tell myself that you are no good to me. as i have promised to myself that i would remain faithful to my words. i could bear to thirst myself from the sweet adrenaline that only you can give. it's excruciating. but my mind can endure the pain. as always.

but i was wrong.
for my stomach needs you.  for it's only you that can calm down the urging. the chaos inside.

and i am left here, staring at your coldness.
gulping every inch of my precious pride. dwelling with my own self. one part says i should have not given up. another part says, i can't live without you. which i believe isn't true. one part says, how about all those that you have been fighting for? another part says, people will laugh at your inconsistency but who cares? well, i do not know but what i know is one part of my body needs you. and it's not going to function normal without you. i do not know if i have to trust myself or if my subconscious is just making stupid excuses just to feel you again in my body.

but yes, i stupidly need you. i'm pleading you back. i'm sorry i let you go.

 (just some crazy idea, i promised myself not to consume any carbonated drinks, including my most loved, COKE but i realized that coke has been my "kontra-diarrhea" for the longest time. Where i got the idea, i guess from a Japanese speaker who said in one of the seminars i attended that if your stomach's in trouble, just grab a can of coca cola! )


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