August love.

>> Saturday, August 28, 2010

yes. it's true. i guess, my lachrymal gland wasn't so successful in impeding the production of water-flow over the anterior surface of my eyes this August. well, not so bad, at least i had the chance of lubricating my eyes. that might help me from not getting the epidemic eye sore!

and yes, that's not an enough excuse to miss these cool-august-items!

P.S.(written in my red journal, dated August 24, 2010) 
 This morning, i said to myself: Today's gonna be a funny day. The white-haired tricycle driver diffidently said his apology for being too old for a speedy ride. i gave him my smile.Then, it became a busy day. So busy, i didn't notice the clock saying "oh, it's lunch time". I had lunch with Ever and we had some chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Then, i badly wanted to tell her some secrets of mine, but i chose those to be clogged by the foods and other stories we have in our mouths.

This afternoon, i heard the priest's sermon and suddenly, i wanted to make a pact with God. Tonight, it's raining. It's raining, and i do not know if God is trying to talk to me.


August Birthday People

 no.1 on my list is the August-birthday people.

my eldest sister (Atet’s) birthday last August 12. this photo is from her last year's birthday. sorry, it's kinda blurry na, wala kasi xang ibang pic eh. 
and my Advo-outlet-bud, marnee. ikaw. ikaw ang nag-introduce muli sa akin sa mundo ng musika. salamat.
to the ever fashionista, tin. where's the cake,huh? 
and for this guy who has been an inspiration to me, dr. abelardo b. perez. thank you for your fatherly encouragement, especially during those days of my lost college life. i was not so successful with the last assignment that you gave me but i know you will forgive me for that. i hope you know that you aren't just being remembered, you are being badly missed by so many people.


University Week 2010

2 is the  University Week 2010. it was tremendously a hyperactive one. Everyone in the university was just all SO-IN LOVE with the 3-day university week.

Plus, this cool bench cheering competition that almost drained my energy. oh, we got the 2nd place award with 5thou cash! Gogogo RED TEam! 
and yes, photo booth poses! Notice my "charice pempengco" face. i just hope i can sing like her!


Hello, Vital signs!

4 i had my annual medical check-up. So scary, syringes never fail to freak mo out!
vital signs
vision: not 20/20
blood pressure: 80/60
pulse rate: 73
respiratory rate: 18
Findings: Lung fields are clear. Heart is not enlarged. Diaphragm and chest bones are not unusual. 
Interpretation: HAPPY under STRESS. =)


Vivo's Bar and cafè

6 some night chill out with lloyd and ate grace @ cafè vivo. It's located in front of Sm City Batangas.  it used to be a cozy coffee shop but then, i think they renovated into a mini-bar place.we enjoyed the night with their bulalo ( well, bulala isn't really that good) and nachos!

we also had a taste of this tsingtao beer. i like its malty flavor, just like light redhorse.
Try their sizzling balot, so exotic! i only ate the yellow part and gave the rest to ate grace. My last taste of their sizzling balot was like four years ago pa, but it was way way better than this. 
the combination of the two  (tsingtao which is a chinese wine and balut which is a Pinoy food) made me feel like a truly-blooded tsinoy. haha. see, i'm chinita na!


Chicken Ati-Atihan Resto

 we tried this Chicken ati-atihan resto for Tin tin’s birthday. It's located at Ayala Highway, Lipa City. i thought we'll have an ala-local-festive experience but we've found nothing so extra-ordinary in there.
The chicken is okay but it’s really "bitin", particularly the rice. not for someone who is really suffering from deep starvation. 
we ordered the sizzling on fire kasi we thought it would be served on fire kaso hindi. it's not even that spicy.
there's also this oreo buko shake that perked up my curiosity but unfortunately, i never had a taste kaya i just ended having a plain buko shake with some maltesers chocolate. hehe. well, I don’t think I would give nice credit to the place. i think it's quite untidy. 


Cafe de Lipa

People around the world, let me arrogantly tell you about the newest Lipeño's coffeeshop.
(Lipeño is how you call people residing in Lipa City)  
This coffee shop makes me so proud for offering our very own kapeng barako in a very classy way. 
Try their mood coffee. PERK UP mood is my default Cafe de Lipa choice! it says: Energizing blend of espresso and chocolate truffle that awakens and renews. Feeling down with all the workloads? Have the Perk-Up coffee! This is made not just to boost the senses but to stimulate them as well.. 
 my niece gave her recommendation to Strawberries and Cream.
A complementing blend of tart berry flavor and sweet creaminess with the interesting addition of strawberry fruit bits to enhance the sensory experience.

While, this is my newest favorite: Bavarian Mint Tea. It's bright mint taste and aroma gave me the soothing effect after a very tiring office day.
their sansrival which tastes yummily different, seems like my taste buds detected some coconut flavor ( though, i am not so sure) 
 but if your not a fan of the nutty sansrival, there's still more lip-smacking treats from their pastry shelf  which you can choose from.
Surely, Mr. Anonymous is right! although, i have consumed my cups of coffee in solitude most of the days, still, it is best shared with good friends. 

Right now Cafe de Lipa has 5 existing branches.Check their website at http://www.cafedelipa.ph/
Cafe de Lipa Main Branch
32 San Carlos drive, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City, Batangas
Contact No. : +63 43 757 4953
Cafe de Lipa SM Lipa City 
Address : Ayala Highway, Lipa City, Batangas
Contact No. : +63 43 756 2340
E-Mail : info@cafedelipa.ph


Gifts and TO DO LIST BOOK.

here are some nice items i got from friends without any important occasion:
Ever gave me this nice top, i really love the embroidery thing!
these chopsticks and lotion came from my dearest sis, jane, from her HongKong trip!

and oh, although i promised myself not to purchase any book until i finished reading all the books in my bookshelves, this one found a way for an exception:

for when i turned the page to page 19 which happened to be my favorite number and yes, the day of my lovely birthday, i found my name scribbled on it! i said to myself, oh gosh, this is MY BOOK without any doubt! but then i felt that i need to give it to someone who needs a TO DO LIST in his life. to you, i may not always be bodily there, but i hope you know that part of me is always yours. 


girlfriends' lunch date @ johanna's grille

>> Friday, August 20, 2010

 i, with my girlfriends just spotted a delectable yet pocket-friendly grill house at Bauan, Batangas City.
Foodtrippers, I am presenting to you Johanna’s Grille. Well, I love the capiz window, really!

here's what we had:

For P200, you can indulge yourself on a fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs with a cup of garlic rice (I chose plain rice) and buttered kernel corn.

i used to hate eating mussels but when its baked and topped with creamy cheese, awts! i can finish a plate! by the way, baked mussels just for Php 95.00.

Johanna's soup of the day for just Php 35.00 - mushroom soup. Mother O truly enjoyed this one. as she described it, YUM-YUM!

oh, i got so surprised with the price of their bottomless ice tea. You can have your glass refilled as long as you want for only Php 35.00. isn't that amazing! haha.
and of course, everyone's all time favorite, Johanna's very own blueberry cheesecake for only Php 100.00. i love it's smooth texture, though my most favorite part is the crust. sadly johanna's grille wasn't able to satisfy my crust-loving tastebud. i hope the sugar grains will be less obvious and buttery next time!

and here's a picture of my plate after that sumptuous lunch date!

oh, welcome to the group Maan!
by the way girls, we still have some important business stuff we haven't finished discussing yet.
so, where is the next mouth watering discussion? 

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