BIGG's Diner with the after FIVE group.

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hey hey hey, i (with ms. joy, tita babes, kuya elwyn and jed) found another must-try resto here in Lipa City.

here's a brief background: From a small take-out window which gave a taste of American fare known to Nagueños as Mang Donald's in 1983 (correct, sounds like Mcdonalds that's why they had the need to stop operation due to some legal matters),  to Nald’s in 1984 which paved way to home cococted recipes such as goto and dinuguan, to Carl’s Diner in 1990 which brought back the American tasteand then, eventually the resto became which is now known to us as BIGG's Diner in 1994. Actually, the Lipa branch is Bigg’s 15th store. I like their ad saying We're good food, not fast food.

and here's what we had:
baby back ribs served with java rice (ofcourse i had plain rice) and buttered vegetables for P189.00
extreme platter (it has fries, chicken, cheese sticks and carrot strips) for P130.00
Southwestern Salad for P96.00
and their large iced tea (which is ms.joy's favorite) for P45.00

for dessert, we had:
Kookie Monster Cake for P39.00 (you know i always have the ♥ for chocolate cakes with caramel filling)
while m' babes had Carrot Cake for P49.00

 i'm not a lover of colorful-modern style but i really do appreciate their interior design. With all the interesting stuff posted and hanged, i think there is really beauty in chaos. The dining area in the entrance reminds me of  typical American restaurants in the ‘50s, then the one in the middle has an interior of a train, they even have these vintage luggage, i really like to experience sitting in there but since all seats were already taken, we occupied the ala-sporty area where you would see faces of Muhammad Ali, David Remnick, and other power athlete, and yes, if you're a couch potato who loves watching baseball or basketball games, let me tell you, you wont miss home, because they have a TV. YEEE! We left the resto as FIVE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

P.S. thanks to M' Babes and Ms. Joy for the stomach-ful treat! here's more BIGG's Diner's  photos.


more of Johanna's Grille.

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

october 15.
first, today is my first day @ the UBLIPA Satellite Office.
second, is ate madel's birthday.
third, is johanna's grille. period.

pictures here!

have i told you that i am a pasta lover? so i tried their carbonara.  
the birthday girl ate madel, tita zeny and tin had a taste of Johanna's Grille's tear-jerkingly good bbr with garlic rice. much has been heard about their babyback ribs. it's getting so famous that its now being the favorite of the town and yes, cyberpeople, too.
ate grace had hungarian sausage and fries. see the mustard? I love dipping my french fries in mayo and mustard!
coffee for aiza 
 JD's homemade cheesecake which always gets a =( from me.
and, this one, i super like, tuna salad.  
haha. were all in our SMILES!


two people.

>> Tuesday, October 12, 2010

nothing much to say. you should know that you are still the most beautifullest of all. (i remember the term i used when i was in my third grade, when my teacher ask us to draw and describe our parents, and i drew you and dad, you in your ribboned hair and checkered chinese collared white blouse  and pencil cut blue skirt. and dad in his long sleeved and famous hat. i thought you were a teacher because you looked like one, so i told the class that you were. maybe my taecher was surprised and laughing at me that time. well, i do not care. what i want is you to be happy. happy birthday, mother!

dad, this day is also for you. for all i know,  you will always be the only handsome man i know who ever existed in this lifetime. and i think i won't marry any guy because of that! hehe. i you BIG!


cafe abuelita

>> Monday, October 11, 2010

Cafe Abuelita is a Spanish-inspired café which offers a rustic yet homey ambience. It boasts of its one of a kind list of Spanish coffee, including its very own Cafe Cortado (Espresso with a little bit of cream), Cafe Negro (black coffee), Café Carajillo (spiked coffee) and Cappuccino. It also offers its very own recipe for Bocadillos (sandwiches), Batangas Adobo, Crepes, Hot Chocolate and home-made Gelatto.(-Cafe Abuelita FB page)

it was last June 10, just right after a tiring day of boxing with all the accreditation-related paper works  when i first learned about this spanish inspired cafe. Sir Bernard was just so right on time for a coffee invitation treat. yes, sir, we needed some caffeine. We badly needed to sip some eye-candy caffeine! So the three girls (me, jousen and aiza) hopped into his gorgeous BMW and we drove in to this mini-spanish bistro, CAFE ABUELITA!

sir had dalandan juice:
while we tried their cold concoctions: jousen and aiza had Batido de Galletas con Crema (P130.00), i had Strawberry Espresso (P125.00).
we also had a taste of their Churros (loveit!)
and their sandwiches served with potato chips. we had Chicken Asparagus (for P90.00) and Batangas Adobo (P 70.00). Sorry, i failed to get a photo of the latter.
well, i love the couch. it gives me a feeling of relaxation. and after that first cafe abuelita episode i just knew i'll be back again and again. so come one  mid-day of October 10, me and aiza  craved for some iced-cold coffee  and decided to check what's new with the cafe.

this time,i had Iced con Leche (P 85.00)
and Batido de Galletas con Crema for Aiza
 i really like eating sardines and pandesal together so we tried their Sardinas Bocadillo (P65.00). it's a little bit spicy but just right for the tastebud!
as you can see on the pricelistc: MUY BARATO!!! you can enjoy a cup of eye-candy coffee without worrying about your budget. and yes, they made some interior renovations this time, the couch where i had fantasized to be seated again and again is now placed outside the cafe, there's more tables this time and of course how can i forget to give high commendation for their shipshape air-conditioned restroom. =)


retreat @ Tagaytay

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010

the room's a bit creepy. the session's a bit sleepy. hehe. but it's just so nice to spend some moment together. 

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