Pinoy Laughter Yoga

>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

really, i can't find the perfect words to express the kind of bliss brought by this workshop. 
so, i'll go for a solemn ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

          I''m a yoga enthusiast. i remember attending yoga class way back in college. and youtubeing yoga videos so i can do it at home. Weeks before attending this workshop, i was actually into web searching for a yoga class in Lipa, but sadly, found no result.  

         A huge thanks to Mr. Paolo Martin Trinidad, founder of the Pinoy Laughter Yoga for bringing us a piece of India, i guess, a piece of heaven.  if only i have what it takes to be a certified yoga trainer, i would definitely enroll myself. but some things aren't just for me. if only i could brag to the whole world about how marvelous this Pinoy Laughter Yoga is, so everyone will push their support, i definitely would.  But what i can definitely do is to pray to the Almighty God (or to Bathala, as how he said is the name of God for Pinoys) shower him with good health and burning passion so he may continue to be a blessing to millions and to always be a  an effective instrument of uniting the hearts and souls of PINOYS through one healthy laugh.

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