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>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An excerpt from my last year (2008) diary:January 01, 2008 9:18 AM- “it is new year morning and my sister is cleanin' up last night's mess. but i still feel like i am out of nowhere, or maybe, its just an end product of the tequila shots i got from new year's eve party.

no, i do not want to pretend anymore, it is new year anyways. it is just really funny how i come to realize things and be very broken the very next day. the day before i left the office for new year, he told me it should be over. and i just find it so unfair. Because it was just yesterday that i've realized how i like him. I now know the reason why despite my total disgust for computer games (it is really staying in the computer shops like zombies that I’m dreading most); I still stayed with him while he enjoys his dota stuff. Why I agreed on watching the very terrible golden compass which frankly, I find so uninteresting….”

To the guy who became the reason why I permed my hair and why I cut it so short, goodbye. I am now letting go without any trace of sadness, nor anger. The month of December made my days quite vulnerable. Its breezy climate reminds me of those days with you and the very same breeze reminded me of moving on, of finally letting go of all the ill feelings I’ve got from falling in love. (haha). Actually, the Puerto experience made me realize the superb minutes that I allowed myself to miss because of refusing to move on. And now, I am free. Au revoir.



>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November 15 - Aj invited us (Ava, Seen and me, well, the others were also invited but for some I don’t know reasons, they failed to come) for his pre-birthday treat! His birthday was supposed to be on the 19th but we decided to meet on weekend since it’s our only free time.

 We went to Bellini’s, an Italian resto recommended by Ava.

and yeah, she’s so heavenly right… place is just so perfect. and very romantic for me. i just so love the italian city inspired interior which has accents of framed photographs. lots of memories in there, Senor!

 pastas are excellent! and I love sprinkling parmesan. (I really love cheese!) Ava was so intrigued by the whole olives in the pasta that she inquisitively sliced it just to find out what’s inside.
 We’ve tried some sweet wine too. Yep. Pasta plus a glass of wine is always a good combination!
 The pizza (I forgot the name) was also good, it’s crispy and it really reminded me of the pita bread (I don’t know where to buy it nowadays) and cheese whiz days with Francine. Seen enjoyed the cheese, even the one that taste like blue cheese (as Ava described it, lasang amag) I haven’t tried their gelato – next time, I will!
i'll surely be back here. i just don't know when. Friendchipz..tara ulet dun!

Check them @ their Bellini FB account or immerse yourself to the real Italian experience
in their place at Cubao Expo, Cubao Quezon City. 

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