gracefully marching away from march.

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

no. it's not yet time to wear my black cap and gown. i still need to count three more semesters to wear that again.but March definitely did sprinkle lots of good things to remember.

Last March 23, we were invited to attend the senior’s graduation ball themed SENIORS UNMASKED. We really danced with the teachers (sobrang groovy nila) and with the students (feeling 16 years old, talaga).

My best accessory that shimmery night: Victoria's Secret SUPER MODEL sparkle.

Oh, here's some of my pictures from last year’s senior's ball with atcheng gabby. (i wonder why he doesn't have a picture or maybe someone was already taking pictures of him that night? ) haha. Peace.

And also one misty sunday of march, i grabbed myself a copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' book, The Memories of My Melancholic Whore, from a booksale.Take note: just for PHP 40.00 plus a cute bottle of Estée  Lauder Beyond Paradise from atet. You have to see the super wide smile in my face.What a sweet-smelling reading!

My favorite line aside from the famous today's the day: "Nothing, I replied, wounded to the core, I know very well what I can and cannot do."

Let us move into some mouth-watering side, like this newest must-try from yellow cab, dear darla. The name was derived from Darla who is the love interest of Alfalfa in the hit movie "The Little Rascals" (which i haven't watched). The latter writes letters to the former, so there goes the name. Now, imagine a thin-crust pizza loaded with special blend of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, onions, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and capers layered with arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts. Drizzled and rolled with chili oil and pepper. triple yum. I could've wolfed down the 10-inch pizza all by myself, but then I had to share it with Ate Grace.

By the way, did you support the earth hour, the biggest climate awareness campaign? I did =). And I hope everybody will support anything that advocates concern for our planet earth.

And lastly, we moved into our new office. =) We (me, aiza and sir ferdie) would really like to thank the whole UBHS family for making us feel so much part of that family. More warm years of working together. See the pictures here.
Bye, March. I’ll see you again, after 365 days.


it's an UBer FUN DAY, Kid.

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Together with the KAAKBAY members, we spent our March 17 with 17 street children (wow, it’s just now that I realized na pareho palang 17). It was a day of fun, really. We had parlor games, face tattoos, colorful balloons, prizes, loot bags, foods and of course,mcdo's hamburgler!

i do not know what's inside their every timid smile.
or what's really bemeath their gloomy eyes.
i will never know each story behind their rough skin and dry hair, for sure.
but i will forever wonder

where are they headed?

Contemplate: A boy who strolls around the busy city having all the freedom that he could imagine sporting tattered clothing, a nauseating aroma and yes, the face that launches a thousand of emotions. Add the hopeful tone begging for the littlest of alms, the most common: Ate, pengeng barya. Alternatively, offering cigars and candies, and yes, sampaguita garlands. But what do we often do? This might not be a strange scenario but this never fails to clench my heart.

I wish people would just buy these items from these kids, instead of purchasing from those giant malls. I hope one day, I can paint a vivid picture of them with all the justification to tell the world about these kids who also needs an embrace.

actually, i do not know how to help them or how to make sure that amidst the hurly burly of life, a brighter future still awaits them. i feel sad that all I could do is feel sorry for them. Sabi nga ni Dad when I once asked him why there are street children: that’s how life is daw, the question is whether they want to remain in the street or make a difference in their lives. Plus the reminder of how blessed I am for everything that the Almighty has bestowed on me.

But I believe, prayers will make a lot of difference. Let’s all be one in including these kids in our daily prayers, so one day will come, and there will be no one strolling down the cold streets with a growling stomach or a heart starving for love.

And that just like us, i know they also have so much love to give in this world. ♥


an afternoon with an uncommonly gentle man.

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

 Kim: Hold me.  

Edward: I can't.
 Remember him?

Childhood memoirs never fail to create sparks. always, for me.

can i call this bliss?

Four vivid scenes to me:

The garden. the very beautiful garden.
The waterbed. with lots of stuffie.
The dinner steak.
And the old man’s eyes.

I am teary-eyed when after so many years, I saw Edward, again. Still in his black suit with scissors and knives. Yes, I watched Edward Scisssorhand last Tuesday (thank you to Aiza for downloading the film). It was like more than 10 years ago.

Brings back so many childhood pictures.

I saw our black and white T. V, our green with checkered ribbon sala set. Our so wide window and the night outside. Inay in the kitchen. Gosh, I miss million dollar movie times with kuya noel who taught me about staying late and being a couch potato amidst Daddy's plea for us to go to sleep because staying late is not good for children like us.

Let me borrow this line from my short story, Touched by an Angel: I wanted to go back. God knows. But I do not know how.

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