Coffee vs. Mint Blend Herbal Infusion

>> Friday, June 10, 2011

It was during college when i learned to consume more than the usual cups of coffee a day. I guess i needed lots of caffeine to at least make my self nervous with my then quietly crazy life. haha. And so, college friends would always tag me as a certified coffee addict. But after graduation, i realized that it was't so healthy at all. So, I started to avoid coffee, and  it actually felt like killing myself by limiting my intake to two sips a day! Imagine that - imagine severe torture. oh, just shoot me, please! But if that's what it takes to have healthier skin and lessen my being insomniac- then, why not? 

So, it's been a habit to opt for fruit juices and tea instead of coffee whenever i go to coffeeshops. Yes, been through those sad nights of sipping my english breakfast tea with honey while my mouth secretly salivates over my friends' caramel macchiato! But gone are those days, i already stopped being so hard on myself when it comes to coffee. A fancy cup won't kill, anyway. But my body has been so immune to tea already, and my exhaustion still craves for it ever now and then.

And now, i'd like you to meet my favorite tea, aside from the default lipton tea, which has been a default tea due to affordability. hehe.

Tea lovers, meet starbucks' mint blend. It has a sweet flavor of spearmint and has the cooling taste of peppermint with a hint of tarragon. Having a sip is actually overly relaxing!

You can buy Starbucks Mint Blend from any Starbucks Store.


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