Let go.

>> Sunday, August 7, 2011

the conversation began with, you have lovely pair of hands, i’m envious. i smiled and said thank you, just as the natural me would do whenever i get surprise compliments, and went back to my reading. 

“You’re a counselor?” “Aha”. i gave a thrift answer, avoiding her eyes. Budol-budol gang is everywhere! But before my book and manila's heavy traffic totally consumed me, this complete stranger next to me began telling her fears. everything, maybe. well, everything that completes the picture of the whole scenario. 
13 years of being trapped in a onetime nightmare. how can she ever free herself?

(there’s a lot of striking points i’d like to discuss.  but i have vowed to my profession to keep things confidential)

but her last question: You, have you ever gotten problems, like have you ever been into something so unforgiving?

I didn’t answer her question. There are things in life that will either break us or help us find ourselves; the thing is IT’S JUST ALWAYS US.  Forgiving doesn’t happen overnight. It is a painful process, but don’t worry, that’s why HE’s there. 

We parted at LRT Buendia. When i flipped my head, she’s gone. Just like that. I checked my things, nothing’s missing. And to quote her last words: Tama ka nga, siguro it’s just me all along.  

and today is a lazy noon, i think my hair needs some professional help!


to you, 
i hope you'll soon find the strength to heal your wounds, and have The Saviour's Love take all the pains away.


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this is not about who i am.
neither does it matter who you are.
these are the pieces of being FREE.

of loving and being loved
of believing
in fairytales and paradise and dragonflies
and of not believing.
of keeping our FAITH.
of rainbow colored sky and black and white
and everything in between.

thank yous.
we will see each other soon.

hugs and hundreds of ♥,

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