>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

nine books i would want to add to my reading list.

Last night’s post was too much of abhorrence, especially, the last line. Let me rub out the period in there. Maybe, not now, but I know, one day, I will finally find the strength, and audacity to forget all the pains and soon, everything will be ok.

God has been so good to me.
I know that all these times, He has been the One restlessly standing behind me, reaching out for my hands whenever life drives me to the edge of falling. He has been the One sending beautiful people, to jog in my memory that He will never ever leave me, especially, in the mid of a devastating solitude. I can never thank Him enough.
oh, above are the books that i would want to include in my book collection, and which i would wish to finish before the year ends, or soon as i get my hands on a copy. (ek, but would be too impossible since i have very limited time for reading). and why, the world is flat? a customer online recommended this book... and i would want to give it a try. and yes, i forgot to include, The little Prince, i haven't read the book yet (shame!), but people always talk about its captivating effect.


die, just die.

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

The world is moving. And it will continue to move, with or without me. It will continue to rotate from its axis, even when I stop.

Even when my muscle tissues ache so much to go immobile. When every inch of it tells me that, it doesn’t want to consume any solid food anymore. even when i am all bruised.

Even when somewhere in my brain, there is a nerve rebuffing to move.

amidst all the fear i have. even when i am nothing but all torn.

The world will still go on.

And it will never renounce its prized time to wait for a scrawny specie who forgot how it is to plunk in obverse of a crowd.

I stopped counting for I have realized that I do not really know when all these started.

I have mourned enough. The pain, I do not think it will go away. But I have to move on.
I am moving on.

And I guess, I can never learn how to forgive.

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