Summer Get-a-Away @ LOBO

>> Thursday, September 2, 2010

i do not know what kept me from blogging this one,maybe some busy-ness issue, maybe internet's fault. haha. yes,  this might be too late for a summer post but still worth posting, i believe.

April 25, 2010- the counselors had a trip to LOBO Batangas.
so here it is, an overnight bonding away from work
with bonfire
and foods!
bangus sisig.
kinilaw ng dulong. yum!
i can't remember what this one is but it has squash and garlic and pepper and other stuff i really can't remmber!
and nuts!
cheers to red horse
and girls' bonding! 
i just love the place. it's all so clean and blue.  
exhaustion, revelations, weariness, pain (including physical pain), yes, fatique. i guess, there is nothing that can't be sluice away by the salty seawater. best recommended to aching counselors. hehe. awts. there, i won't talk more. i might... i might end up (oh, never mind!). i will always ♥ everything about SUMMER.

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