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>> Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Right after my college graduation, i moved to Manila, and stayed there for a year. Being in a strange place gave me a different taste of life. No more late wake ups. No more morning tantrums. No more soberly nights. No more afternoon cups of coffee and lemon tea. No more happy go lucky kind of life. No more writing to the last brain string, ye, my pen had experienced a severe famishment.

But having been away from home and having acquired total freedom and independency dipped my sleepy thought to the real color of life. With real rejection. With real disappointment. With real bitterness and with a different definition of happiness. Out of my comfort zone, i've earned time to reflect on those things i have but haven’t had the slightest care to notice then. I've love my family more than ever. I am more appreciative and i owe this all to those people and experiences that shared my vicissitudes during my “homesick days”. But as what i always believe, there is always goodbye (and that's the hardest part for during that time, i didnt know whether i wanted to really go back to my own made up world or to stay in the real world and continue to discover things. For some reasons. i felt like while i'm being pulled back to my comfort zone, the real world was also pushing me back and i was the only one fighting against it, adn i gave up. i went home and decided to continue living in the safe side of the world. anyways, i've list down people and stuff that kept on reminding me about the lessons i've gained during my stay in the real strange world. Of the moments, i’ve enjoyed. and for the bruises that made me cry.

etelecare.between busrides and baclaran church. erikson and fina (miss you. miss you. miss you) 119. jeff (thank you for a week of being patient with me) LPET days. wave 166A: lani.jo.KUYA RAE.kuya jim, chu. linj (i do miss our gel and plantsahan sessions) rolando. k'bert. neeson. PJ. dan. cite for breaking the company rule: do not use the internet for non-business related sites. tresmarias and mario. something fishy's eat all you can. SEEN (i miss our dream-upon-a-star moods and everything about you) TEAM OSIRIS. corky.mike.tiyobaki.koran TL jenny. kuyajustin.Anto.ALVIN. corky's crack. AVA and all our food tripping. service tag. escalation. L2. Chowking. Icite(whatever!) Fingerscan. AUX2. 29th Floor.SOiC Jen. KEM (ang matabang bully na bata). AJ (take it easy!) kuya li. kuya wei (Honda moments). Kuya Jover (JUVER!!!!) ANETTE. spam. spam. spam. rekanism. Service elevator. pantry.of my first ever taste of puto bungbong (thanks GAbo). jeepney rides. OUTlook. soic dova (stop the bleeding) Mozilla. meebo. yung ice tea sa pantry. ARR.vendo machine. appreciation. kuya justin's this is the bestest amplaya i've ever tasted line. OT. yellocab and KFc blues. mahesh fever.of moving on. dressdown. nailcuttingsession \m/. Kuya Ocop. kuya denver .L2 Domz! ALt TAB. pedestrian lane. kwek kwek and calamares( thank you to those who taught me bout this stuff) taxi rides and ye, taxi room (?) (it’s still a mystery to me how it looks like) tiangge moments. tell me your name by jose mari chan alarm tone. shawarma rice. Evermall. Overpass. letting go and goodbyes.

Did i miss a thing?

anyway,i can't thank them enough. and it was only during my last days in the office that i discovered the real meaning of saying thank you. For you guys, thank you for everything and in case I’ll get such Alzheimer’s in the future, do remind me that I have a blog where I wrote down everything.

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