There are only two reasons why people refuse to talk about things: First, it means nothing, and second, it means everything.

>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

It is past midnight. Headache has been a frenziedly companion for the last 30 days. Ask me, and all that you can get is a shriveled well. The water has long been dried out by the blustery weather. Yes. Unerringly 30 days. And my lethargic mode is currently pulling me down to my bed.
I’ll get by. I know I can. And, I have to.

current status: i am still grieving. and i do not know when will it go away, or if it will ever leave.


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this is not about who i am.
neither does it matter who you are.
these are the pieces of being FREE.

of loving and being loved
of believing
in fairytales and paradise and dragonflies
and of not believing.
of keeping our FAITH.
of rainbow colored sky and black and white
and everything in between.

thank yous.
we will see each other soon.

hugs and hundreds of ♥,

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