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>> Saturday, August 28, 2010

People around the world, let me arrogantly tell you about the newest Lipeño's coffeeshop.
(Lipeño is how you call people residing in Lipa City)  
This coffee shop makes me so proud for offering our very own kapeng barako in a very classy way. 
Try their mood coffee. PERK UP mood is my default Cafe de Lipa choice! it says: Energizing blend of espresso and chocolate truffle that awakens and renews. Feeling down with all the workloads? Have the Perk-Up coffee! This is made not just to boost the senses but to stimulate them as well.. 
 my niece gave her recommendation to Strawberries and Cream.
A complementing blend of tart berry flavor and sweet creaminess with the interesting addition of strawberry fruit bits to enhance the sensory experience.

While, this is my newest favorite: Bavarian Mint Tea. It's bright mint taste and aroma gave me the soothing effect after a very tiring office day.
their sansrival which tastes yummily different, seems like my taste buds detected some coconut flavor ( though, i am not so sure) 
 but if your not a fan of the nutty sansrival, there's still more lip-smacking treats from their pastry shelf  which you can choose from.
Surely, Mr. Anonymous is right! although, i have consumed my cups of coffee in solitude most of the days, still, it is best shared with good friends. 

Right now Cafe de Lipa has 5 existing branches.Check their website at http://www.cafedelipa.ph/
Cafe de Lipa Main Branch
32 San Carlos drive, Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City, Batangas
Contact No. : +63 43 757 4953
Cafe de Lipa SM Lipa City 
Address : Ayala Highway, Lipa City, Batangas
Contact No. : +63 43 756 2340
E-Mail : info@cafedelipa.ph


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