gracefully marching away from march.

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

no. it's not yet time to wear my black cap and gown. i still need to count three more semesters to wear that again.but March definitely did sprinkle lots of good things to remember.

Last March 23, we were invited to attend the senior’s graduation ball themed SENIORS UNMASKED. We really danced with the teachers (sobrang groovy nila) and with the students (feeling 16 years old, talaga).

My best accessory that shimmery night: Victoria's Secret SUPER MODEL sparkle.

Oh, here's some of my pictures from last year’s senior's ball with atcheng gabby. (i wonder why he doesn't have a picture or maybe someone was already taking pictures of him that night? ) haha. Peace.

And also one misty sunday of march, i grabbed myself a copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' book, The Memories of My Melancholic Whore, from a booksale.Take note: just for PHP 40.00 plus a cute bottle of Estée  Lauder Beyond Paradise from atet. You have to see the super wide smile in my face.What a sweet-smelling reading!

My favorite line aside from the famous today's the day: "Nothing, I replied, wounded to the core, I know very well what I can and cannot do."

Let us move into some mouth-watering side, like this newest must-try from yellow cab, dear darla. The name was derived from Darla who is the love interest of Alfalfa in the hit movie "The Little Rascals" (which i haven't watched). The latter writes letters to the former, so there goes the name. Now, imagine a thin-crust pizza loaded with special blend of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, onions, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and capers layered with arugula leaves and alfalfa sprouts. Drizzled and rolled with chili oil and pepper. triple yum. I could've wolfed down the 10-inch pizza all by myself, but then I had to share it with Ate Grace.

By the way, did you support the earth hour, the biggest climate awareness campaign? I did =). And I hope everybody will support anything that advocates concern for our planet earth.

And lastly, we moved into our new office. =) We (me, aiza and sir ferdie) would really like to thank the whole UBHS family for making us feel so much part of that family. More warm years of working together. See the pictures here.
Bye, March. I’ll see you again, after 365 days.


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another dear darla experience:


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this is not about who i am.
neither does it matter who you are.
these are the pieces of being FREE.

of loving and being loved
of believing
in fairytales and paradise and dragonflies
and of not believing.
of keeping our FAITH.
of rainbow colored sky and black and white
and everything in between.

thank yous.
we will see each other soon.

hugs and hundreds of ♥,

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