>> Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What do you do when a friend suffers from a heart busted into pieces? Uh-oh! Well, a good friend would surely offer comfort. And you go for tight hugs, reassuring words, you give your best listening ears, and of course, some soul-soothing chows for the stomach.

So after stuffing our slightly starving stomach with, i must say, surprisingly good food from Kuya Clyde’s Ihaw-ihaw. Actually, i was not really expecting any heaven food from them, but this time, i need to commend their pork sisig with egg for satisfying my taste buds that night. Alright, back to what i really want to discuss, after late dinner, we looked for a 24-hour serving coffee shop and ended up at Cafe78 located along Hotel Ni Mang Jose.
Ok. Call me judgmental. But since i moved in here at Metro Lipa, i have always deemed Cafe78 as one of those ordinary trying hard cafes serving coffee drinks for the sake of being called as one. BUT I WAS WRONG.
They definitely proven me wrong. Since, we were still kinda full, we just had something fancy to drink. We had Dark Temptation (for PhP 145), Mocha Blend (for PhP 125) and Oreo Cream Blended (for PhP 135). I had the Dark Temptation, which almost made me forget that i was with a teary-eyed friend. So far, this has been the best tasting blended beverage from all the drinks i have tried here in Batangas. I also had a sip from Ayen's and Anch's, and i could say that what's written in the menu won't disappoint customers' fancy taste buds!
 Next time, i'll surely try the other items in their menu list. And yes, their menu is pasted in their tables, so one doesn't have to bother calling the service crew for the menu.

  And the place. They got this very cozy place, small but well-maximized.
We occupied the upper part,  and we just so love it. With the nice couches and stools, it's just like bonding with friends at home. And since it was so late, and it was just the three of us fooling around the cafe, we had the luxury of choosing whether to just watch the tv, read some travel and fashion magazines or just like what we had enjoyed, deaf our ears with lonely tunes! 
And if the whole thing is boring you, (well, i was never bored, but just in case) you can peep from the window and you can have a view of people having their good times with a beer or two at Metro Bar.

 Well, i could say that this Cafe78 experience will definitely not be the last. I'll be back, again and again to EXPERIENCE THE REAL TASTE OF BATANGAS COFFEE! But then, at the end of the day, no fancy glass of drinks would be enjoyable enough without the love of my two dearest girlfriends, Ayen and Anch! Iloveyougirls!

Cafe 78 is located at Ayala HiWay, Brgy Balintawak, 4217 Lipa City
Contact them at 437846038
Check their FB account @CAFE78 LIPA CITY


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thank yous.
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