togs grill and their cheesecake

>> Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finally. After years of rummaging around just to  give my tongue the taste of the very first cheesecake i fell inlove with.  i’ve found you. it was more than a decade. Gosh. Well, maybe nothing will ever beat the first time but this one, this one reminds me so much of the first time. the texture. the taste. the crust. the smell. oh, yes, the aroma, i’ve longed to crave for that aroma. and yes, it was served right on the most perfect timing, neither  too frozen, nor into the melting stage already, just right!
yes. just for P90.00 per slice mga friends! or you can buy me a whole for P650.00 lang!
and here are other items you can find in their menu:

baby back ribs with corn cob and lettuce for P200.00
asparagus soup. we'll its not creamy at all. i hope they can improve this one.
i do not exactly remember but i think this one is what they call butterfly shrimp. 
grilled squid and eggplant with and tomatoes and mango for P180.00
i like this one, sweet chili wings for P185.00
i just grabbed this photo from their fb account. hihi.
we also ordered sinigang na hipon for P185.00 but i forgot to take a photo. and yes, this place is wireless hotspot and they have a band, i think, every friday night. so, if you guys just want to chill out or avail of a free wifi, or just for gastronomy, here's one place to go in Batangas.


aiZa Thursday, November 04, 2010 11:25:00 PM  

WOW! Cheesecake ba yaaaan?!?! Wait, 'have to run to Togs. :)

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