"i am a scientist. i don't believe in fairy tales". – Grace, Avatar

>> Monday, February 15, 2010

I am in a bottomless gratefulness to James Cameron for making me fall into a deep feeling of adoration amidst my silent odium to the love month. Yes, it was just last feb 1 that I was able to grab a copy of this much talked-about film.

The Pope criticized AVATAR for the promotion of worshiping nature instead of religion. Well, I guess the message that the film wants to instill in us is the infinite love that we should give to the home given to us by the ALMIGHTY GOD, our earth. c'mon, people, let's STOP DESTROYING OUR PLANET because we ARE JUST DESTROYING OURSELVES. And of course, incessantly loving our self and the others and being an avid fan of acceptance and trust. Of loving the things that we have, and the things we don’t have.

I hope we can always keep the spirit of the true quintessence of love and have the heart to see beauty in everything that exists in this incredible universe.

By the way, let me repost this one from a blog (http://pleasefindthis.blogspot.com/)where I often make tambay whenever my brain salivates from beautiful phrases: (warning: CHEESY)

You are my science.
You make me believe in the atoms in your skin.
Now I believe in the chemistry in our kiss.
And now I believe in the molecules that make up love.
You are my science. I am a scientist.



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this is not about who i am.
neither does it matter who you are.
these are the pieces of being FREE.

of loving and being loved
of believing
in fairytales and paradise and dragonflies
and of not believing.
of keeping our FAITH.
of rainbow colored sky and black and white
and everything in between.

thank yous.
we will see each other soon.

hugs and hundreds of ♥,

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